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Choosing Shag Area Rugs - A Pile Worth Mentioning

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Feb 22nd 2021

Choosing Shag Area Rugs - A Pile Worth Mentioning

For many decades, shag area rugs have been a popular furnishing to use in homes because of their comfortable texture and the warmth they offer. There are many different types of shag area rugs provided on the market, allowing you to have more of a selection with the style you select for your interior setting. When you're choosing shag area rugs for your home, there are a few important notes to keep in consideration to make the right selection.

What are Shag Area Rugs?

Shag area rugs are a type of area rug with a deep pile, which began to increase in popularity in the 1960s and '70s. This type of area rug is easy to recognize because it has a shaggy appearance. Although many people assume the area rugs weren't invented until the 1960s, they consisted of long strands of goat hair and long looms in the Middle East.

How are Shag Area Rugs Made?

Today, shag area rugs consist of various materials that include polyester, wool, faux fur, acrylic, and polypropylene. Synthetic materials are common, which allows the products to hold up longer over time in high traffic areas. Furthermore, there are even some types of shag rugs with leather materials. While there are plenty of tips on shag area rugs, the pile and materials will dictate how well the area rug can withstand its traffic. Overall, our shag area rugs have twists of fiber that loosely weaves into a thick and heavy cotton backing. When wool materials in place, the fibers are bleached to make the area rug white, especially before other dyes.

High-Pile to Low-Pile Shag Area Rugs

There are many types of shag area rugs available, which contribute to their versatility and the variety offered to consumers. High-pile area rugs are the most common option and feature long threads contributing to the carpet's soft texture. Low-pile area rugs have short fibers that feel flat and denser than high-pile rugs. Furthermore, wool shag area rugs are the most traditional, and leather shag rugs are also available to create a captivating look.

Decorating Ideas with Shag Area Rugs

Consider using a shag area rug at the foot of the bed underneath the front legs to create a cozy touch in a bedroom. A shag area rug can also be added to a crib's base for more warmth in a nursery. Shag rugs also work well in living rooms and should be placed under each furniture item's front feet to ensure it ties everything together.

Further, when you're choosing shag area rugs, look for something that fits within the color scheme of your home to ensure it looks cohesive. It's also important to consider your flooring material's color shade to prevent it from clashing with the rug. While the ideas come in abundance, you can find more information on area rugs in your home.

How to Decorate with Shag Area Rugs

You can decorate with shag area rugs by selecting rugs with natural color shades if you plan to change your interior design style in the coming years. With this in consideration, it will allow the product to work well with different looks over time. If you need a pop of color, you can choose a shag area rug with a bold shade or pattern to bring the focal point to the middle of the room.

Decorating themes that go well with Shag Area Rugs

Contemporary, such as Mid-Century Modern, and other classy themes go well with shag area rugs because the material looks upscale and traditional when you want a cozy environment. You can also use this type of product in a boho setting to create a slightly retro and vintage design that offers a touch of nostalgia and nods to past decades.

Our Selection of Shag Area Rugs

While shag area rugs are an excellent addition to plenty of interior decor settings, the choice to use them is ultimately up to you. All contingent on the designated area for their durability, the benefits of an area rug are always worthwhile. With shag being a popular selection, let's look at our selection of shag area rugs.

Nourison Luxe Shag - White Flokati

A high-pile shag area rug that's deep enough to lose yourself in, Nourison's Luxe Collection brings a warm, luxurious touch to your home. By being woven on state-of-the-art looms for excellent durability, this collection features sleek solid greys and neutral tones as well as traditional Moroccan lattice designs, with a plush 2-inch flokati shag pile. The details for the Nourison Luxe Shag White Flokati are as follows:

  • Style: Shag
  • Pile Height: 2
  • Construction: Power Loomed
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Fiber: 100% Polyester
  • Origin: Turkey
Nourison Luxe Shag White Flokati - Rug Fashion Store Web Banner

Dalyn Impact Sand

With an incredibly soft hand and luxurious sheen, Dalyn's Impact collection is a shag area rug that never goes out of style. A collection of chic sophistication, this personal area rug is as soft as it looks. The Dalyn Impact Sand has the details as follows:

  • Style: Shag
  • Pile Height: 8cm
  • Construction: Tufted
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Fiber: Polyester
  • Origin: China
Dalyn Impact Sand - Rug Fashion Store Web Banner


A soft and chic area rug that never goes out of style, our shag area rugs are an excellent selection for your next interior decor project. Mostly due to the high-pile height, these do exceptionally well in low-traffic environments - which adds some luxury to your feet. While we tend to use these area rugs in your bedroom or office space, the new material improves durability to consider these area rugs in other high-traffic places. Whether you prefer our floral area rugs or a contemporary fix - for that boho chic, you can always find your next area rug today.