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Our Top 5 Benefits of an Area Rug

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Aug 14th 2020

Our Top 5 Benefits of an Area Rug

The popularity of placing area rugs in rooms throughout homes continues to grow and for good reason. The benefits of an area rug are numerous. An area rug is the foundation of a room. They work as a piece of artwork for the floor. Even a simple area rug adds beauty to any space in your home. Area rugs become a necessary part of any room since it ties together all pieces of furniture. A beautifully-designed and crafted handmade rug is not only durable but it can be an investment that can be passed down for generations.. Whether for decoration or something more functional,, it is essential to consider the benefits of an area rug. Here are the top 5 benefits of an area rug.

1. Warmth aka Better Insulation

Top 5 Benefits of An Area Rug - Better Insulation

Hardwood floors do not do feet justice, especially during the winter months!. By adding an area rug to any room, you are essentially adding a layer of the insulation on the floor. Smooth surfaces such as hardwood floors resist heat, while area rugs like shag and wool obtain the ability to retain heat directed towards or around it. Not only do area rugs have excellent insulation, but they keep a room warm, as well. Therefore, rooms with area rugs retain more heat and homeowners crank the heater less often. Insulation is not only beneficial for everyone’s feet but, additionally, their wallet.

2. Noise Reduction

The combination of downstairs neighbors and hardwood floors does not make for a happy couple. However, the stomping sounds diminish if an area rug is added. Area rugs muffle and absorb the echoing sound that comes from walking around on hardwood floors. In addition to absorbing the sound of foot traffic, an area rug will limit the slipping and sliding of furniture. Adding an area rug under furniture delivers the double benefit of reducing noise and protecting your floors. For families with pets and children, this becomes a game-changer. Area rugs have a sound-dampening effect that significantly reduces the noise around the room. In rooms with much echo, thick rugs with a lot of frays are highly recommended. The thicker the rug, the more it will stifle the echoing. Too good to be true? Try laying down one and listen to the difference it makes. 

3. Combats Allergies

Not so long ago, homeowners were advised to avoid area rugs because of allergies. However, bare hardwood floors collect dust more often than area rugs since the allergens are continually recycled back into the air. Thankfully, new area rugs with hypoallergenic technology, like our KAS collection, have been created for those still wary of buying one. Area rugs catch any dust and dirt floating around, and cling to it until the homeowner vacuums it away. Not only are area rugs combating allergies, but they provide comfort below. So vacuuming once or twice a week becomes an important habit, especially to remove allergens from the home.

4. Cleaning is Easier

Top 5 Benefits of an Area Rug - Secondary

Whenever an area rug gets dirty from the messes of life, homeowners simply roll it up and take it to a professional cleaning service. Whereas, with hardwood floors, homeowners need to clear out most of the furniture in the room then do a deep clean to get it back to its original shininess. Area rugs allow you to focus on a smaller space to clean rather than the whole floor. Maintaining clean area rugs are a lot easier than keeping hardwood floors fresh every day. 

5. Covers the Messes of Life

Life is not perfect, and homes are the best representation of just that. Mistakes happen, and with kids and pets, it is more common for a slip up to occur. Especially on carpeting, the chances for spills and stains flowing onto the floor are much higher. As a homeowner trying to find every trick in the book of getting rid of that stain, sometimes the best thing to do is cover it up. Large area rugs can go over any stain, mistake, and any whoopsie that life throws. When a spill occurs on an area rug, homeowners can clean it out much easier than spills left on carpets. Life happens, and thankfully, there’s an area rug to combat it. 

There are so many more reasons why area rugs are beneficial for any home, from being a beautiful piece of art to providing an added sense of comfort into a room. Area rugs a homeowner’s friend with the power to tie together all the furnishings. Find your perfect area rug today at Rug Fashion Store!