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Our Story


Our mission at Rug Fashion Store is to offer the largest selection of easy-care, area rugs at affordable prices supported by great customer service in a pleasant shopping environment in store or online.

The “home” continues to be a perfect canvas for personal expression, be it a place for relaxation, entertainment, solitude, comfort, or a variety of other purposes.  Whether you rent, own or borrow your living space (from your parents or university, for example), area rugs provide an easy, portable way to add personality to any room. Rug Fashion Store was created to provide a retail experience to meet this demand by offering a vast selection of area rugs to suit every taste at competitive prices.

Rug Fashion Store understands good value both in quality and price.  Our designers are hip to trends, yet appreciates the classics and that is why we offer a full spectrum of designs, colors, textures, and sizes available in area rugs.

We want to earn our customers for life.  Through generations, home improvements, moves, seasons or affiliations, Rug Fashion Store wants to be your go-to source for personal expressions for every room.