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5 Different Color Shades That Pair Well With Gray Area Rugs in Your Home

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Jun 27th 2022

5 Different Color Shades That Pair Well With Gray Area Rugs in Your Home

When you're decorating your interior setting, the furnishings and artwork should reflect your personality and style. The area rugs are one of the main fixtures in the space that determines the theme and overall look of your interior design style. If you have a gray area rug that's on display in different areas of the home, there are a few color shades that pair well and can offer enough contrast with the neutral furnishing.

Table of Contents

  1. What are Area Rugs?
  2. Different Color Shades That Pair Well With Gray Area Rugs
    1. Navy
    2. Gold
    3. Red
    4. Blush
    5. Lime Green
  3. Conclusion

What are Area Rugs?

Area rugs have large dimensions and cover most of the floor in different rooms. Area rugs are enjoyed for the warmth and comfort they offer and can add a cozy touch to tile or hardwood floors that are bare. They also provide decorative interest with their style, whether they have a solid color shade or feature a unique print.

Area rugs are available in a wide range of styles, which includes 8'7 feet to 12 feet. If you're looking to add an area rug to a large floor in your basement or in an open-floor space, an area rug that is at least 12 feet is the appropriate size. For more information, you can find our comprehensive guide on area rugs.

The area rugs are available in both natural and synthetic materials and can hold up well in high-traffic areas. It's easy to find rugs that are constructed with rope, cotton, jute, and rubber materials.

Area rugs can also be incorporated into an outdoor space and pair well with patio furniture. The area rug can enhance the design of the setting and make it feel like an extension of the indoor space.

Different Color Shades That Pair Well With Gray Area Rugs

Gray area rugs are easy to find in both homes and offices because of their neutral color shade and their ability to complement different types of interior design styles. Using the right color shades with this color of rug can allow it to become more visible and will prevent it from blending in with its surroundings.

Navy is a classic color that looks vibrant and electric when paired with neutral color shades. It's an ideal color to put on display in each season and can make the room come to life due to its bold hue. It can also be combined with tan and green if you want the space to feel less masculine.


Gold is a chic and luxe color to pair with gray because it can create a look - similar to a contemporary area rug, in the room. The bold look of gray can balance out with the gray area rug to prevent it from appearing too dramatic.


Red is another complementing color to gray and creates adds a touch of passion to the room to prevent it from appearing bland. The vibrancy of red offers the perfect balance with a neutral color like gray.


If you want to create a feminine setting in the bedroom or living room, blush is a beautiful color shade that always pairs well with naturals. The color can look youthful or mature, depending on the other furnishings and decor incorporated into the room.

Lime Green

If you want to incorporate a pop of color into your room, lime green will look fun and stylish with a gray area rug. Lime green has more visual appeal compared to muted colors and can be fun to add to a bedroom or dining room to create a pleasant environment.

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With different color shades that pair well with a gray area rug, you can make a statement and feel proud to show off the interior space. You can also add additional neutral and earthy color shades to the mix to create the perfect color scheme. Whether you're looking at how to select the right area rug to create an earthy setting or our traditional area rugs, you can find your next area rug today.