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Area Rugs In Your Home - A 2020 Comprehensive Guide

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Jul 20th 2020

Area Rugs In Your Home - A 2020 Comprehensive Guide

Adding an area rug into any room can transform the room from boring to bold and brings together all home furnishings into a welcoming and inviting environment. There is a sense of comfort and warmth when area rugs are added into the mix of seating arrangements and tables. Area rugs are able to protect wooden floors, as well as, muffle noise and retain heat. The beauty of area rugs is that There are a wide variety of many different styles, designs, colors, and fibers of area rugs to appeal to a broad range of tastes. Area rugs provide both functionality and creativity to interior decor. With area rugs, rooms can be transformed into beautiful masterpieces that have an added sense of color and texture.  Shop Area Rugs.

Find the Right Area Rug For You

Area Rugs In Your Home

A common mistake many homeowners make is that they use the wrong sized rug. Area rugs are not meant to be an afterthought in a home interior design. In fact, it is easier to start from the floor up when furnishing your home. The size of the rug in the room can make a room feel larger or smaller depending upon how the furniture is placed on the area rug. Many interior designers say to use painters tape in order to measure the layout of the rug placement and to give homeowners a visual representation for how big the rug should be.

Rug Fashion Store has thousands of area rugs to choose from to reflect every personal style and budget. There are area rugs for sale online at and in Rug Fashion Store in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Rug Fashion Store in Springfield, Missouri. For example, for households with children and pets, it is common that rugs and furniture alike will show signs of wear and tear. The best area rugs for busy households with a lot of foot traffic are durable and easy-to-clean and rugs that are darker in color to hide the messes of life. Thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques and fibers, nearly every style of synthetic rugs (man-made fibers such as, polypropylene) can withstand heavy traffic and direct exposure to sunlight because they are both stain and fade resistant. So feel free to explore a wide range of colors at Rug Fashion Store including colors that are bright or neutral. Area rugs can be muted to enhance the color of the furnishings or can be eye catching and bold, full of vibrant colors and patterns. Remember, the style, design, color, size, and texture set the tone of the whole room making it an important overall decision.

Along with the ocean of colors available, there are also many different styles of area rugs to choose from. Homeowners and interior designers are no longer limited to traditional styles such as, Persian and European styles, which typically feature borders. Transitional rugs (a bridge between traditional and contemporary styles) are the most popular and flexible rugs. Other popular area rugs styles include shag, southwestern and vintage, Shop Area Rugs.

Rug Pads

No matter what kind of rug is chosen it is always a good idea to use a rug pad to secure the rug's location and to protect floors. Rug pads are usually slightly smaller than the rug itself and they make a noticeable difference in the look and feel of the area rug.

Low-pile vs. High-pile Rugs

Pile refers to the height of the fiber from the base of the rug to the highest strand from the floor. Low-pile rugs are sturdier than high-pile rugs since it is easier to maintain and clean when necessary. People generally use low-pile rugs if the room gets a lot more foot traffic than other rooms since it will be susceptible to wear and tear. High-pile rugs are thicker rugs (such as shag rugs) with more material that is used best in rooms not used as much by a large number of people or if there is concern of tripping.  Shop Area Rugs.

Keep Your Home Decor In Consideration

Area rugs tie all the elements of a room together. To create a cohesive feel within a room, make sure the style, color, and design of the rug flow seamlessly with the home furnishings and home decor already present in the room. A good rule of thumb is to feature home decor and decorative pillows in one of the colors of the rug to bring the room together.  Shop Home Decor.

Area Rugs Living Room Guide

Area Rugs in the Living Room

When placing a rug in the living room it is best to consider the size of the furniture in the room already. At the least, the front legs of the seating arrangement should fit on top of the rug. This will not only define a path but also create a conversation area in the room. The balance between the area rug and the exposure of floor is important. In the living room, use the dimensions 7’x9” to 9’x12” and up which can be found in our 8x10 - 9x12 and 9x12 and up selections. Using these dimensions will most likely ensure that at least the front legs will be on top of the rug. The preferred choice is a 9x12 rug and anything 5x8 or less will leave too much space around the rug which can leave cold feet.

Area Rugs in the Dining Room

The dining room has similar requirements as the living room. When the chairs are pulled out, the rug should still be comfortably underneath in order to avoid snagging. The size and shape of the rug will solely depend on the size and shape of table. Smaller, rectangular dining areas cannot go wrong with the dimensions 7’x9” to 8’11”. While bigger dining rooms should use anything between 7’x9” to 9’X12” and up. It is important to note that there should still be a path between the wall and the rug.

Area Rugs Bedroom Guide

Area Rugs in the Bedroom

Bedrooms have less criteria to manage. Few people want to step on cold hardwood floors in the morning if they could step on something that gives warmth. The type of bed will help to determine the size of the rug needed. As a general rule of thumb three-quarters of the bed should be on top of the rug. For full sized beds, 7’x9” to 8’x11” rugs are perfect when placed horizontally so that it is exposed on both sides and in the front. For twin sized beds, 5’x8” rugs may fit best. This will leave enough space to create a path and border around the room. For queen and king sized beds, 8’x11” or 9’x12” and up rugs give the right amount of rug on both sides. When using queen sized beds, the rugs should be placed perpendicular underneath with enough material exposed on either side. As for king sized beds, bigger is better when it comes to selecting the best area rug so that there will be enough exposed rug on both sides for the user to step on.

Interior Design Tips

Not everyone is an interior designer and cannot always afford one. But that should not stop homeowners from still decorating the house of their dreams. Here are a few tips from our Rug Fashion Store Designer to help any homeowner or interior designer enthusiast decorate.

How Far Should Area Rugs Be Placed From the Fireplace?

Generally a safe distance between any furniture and the fireplace is anything from 12” to 18” inches. Going as far as three feet away is even safer as to avoid any accidents to occur. Dried natural materials such as Jute and Sisal may not be flame retardant. Of course, this is all personal preference as the placement of furniture is different in every household. But it is always better to be safe than sorry.

How Many Rugs Are Too Many Rugs?

Every room in the house can have a rug. From the living room to the bedroom, kitchen to the patio, and even hallways. This is a personal preference. Rugs can be overlapped or even stacked upon each other to show a conversion of different colors. The possibilities are endless.

How Far Should Area Rugs Be From the Wall?

Generally it is best to have an even amount of space around all sides of the rug to the wall. Rug Fashion Store recommend leaving enough space to create a walkway, since it is a rug and not carpeting. Keeping a walkway is also a good way to maintain the rug and give it a longer lifespan.

How Far Should Area Rugs Be From the Sofa?

A good rule of thumb is to keep the first two feet of the sofa atop the rug. Not only does this create a natural pathway around the area rug but it will also expand its lifespan since it will not be as susceptible to wear and tear. If it is a large enough area rug, it is possible to fit all four legs of the couch on the rug. If the area rugs float in the center of the room with furniture sitting around but not on it then the rug is too small.

It is easier for many people today to decorate their home as if it was done by a professional interior designer. A simple Google search will expose customers to many designers and opinions of what is the best of the best. It is important to do research before coming to any conclusion of what kind of style to start on. In the end, whether it is a collection by Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines or simple traditional styles, Rug Fashion Store has the perfect rug for you in our online rug store and physical stores in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Springfield, Missouri.  Shop Area Rugs now