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Floral Area Rugs - A Great Pickup for Any Occasion

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Nov 13th 2020

Floral Area Rugs - A Great Pickup for Any Occasion

For an interior design as elegant as a garden, floral area rugs emulate our passion for flowers. While easy to see why, just as we tend to our buds, we tend to our etiquette - leaving a lasting impression on our home's visitors. As our selection of flowers reflects the vision of our unique style, choosing our floral area rugs for your next project is always a great idea.

Choosing a Floral Area Rug

A floral area rug is an excellent way to create a serene environment by a soothing bold statement - leaving the area rug to be the focal point of the room. When choosing a floral area rug, it's essential to find one that contrasts nicely with your current interior design. Similar to the flower petals, the floral area rug contrasts fondly with a woodsy background. While we can also find one that resonates with us by its unique design, choosing a floral area rug is ultimately open to your preference - but we've curated some tips for finding your next one.

Focus on Color

As the flowers look great in forestry, a suggestion would be to ensure the area rug's colors create a bold and contrasting statement against more primary colors. While plenty of our floral area rugs have more primary colors as their background, you will notice that plenty of the designs are stick out against its background. Finding an area rug whose background blends in with the furniture is essential to improving the floral contrast.

Contemporary Consideration

When decorating a room, we always suggest following a specific theme - to maintain unity in design. Nonetheless, while it's always open to your preference, floral area rugs are always incredible for consideration if you have a unique style. Whether you prefer the contemporary style or a traditional theme, a floral area rug resonates with its pattern. Where our contemporary area rugs are rather bold in floral print, our suggestion is to find a floral area rug that suits the room's theme.

Traditional Style

While our more traditional area rugs utilize outstanding detail, the sheer intricacy demands the room's focus. While plenty of the selection has a border around the print, they leave a picture-perfect scenery - adding more detail to the room. As the colors blend in its primary color, the focus is through the details - letting viewers gander at its traditional patterns. A unique print that holds a classic design through a floral scheme, the Magnolia Home Hanover - OH-O1 Neutral by Joanna Gaines is an excellent choice for accumulating both styles.

Materials Matter

As in all area rugs, the manufacturing process ensures the best material even with a timeless pattern. While made from the best material such as polypropylene, newer area rugs assure your carpets hold up the obscurities in life. With new material that helps combat allergies or helps with better insulation, we've also curated our top 5 benefits of an area rug.


A popular choice - floral area rugs, are a great pickup for any interior design occasion. As we tend to our garden, we look to creating a captivating set that feels as if it's blooming in style. With patterns that bring the interior decorum to life, our floral area rugs assure they are the room's focal point - as they should be. While the timeless patterns resonate with intricacy, the contemporary rugs are bold with its color. Whether you prefer the soothing hues or a bold contrast, a floral area rug holds up with its unique design and captivating patterns. From contemporary to traditional, you can always find your next favorite area rug today.