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Our Tips on Shag Area Rugs

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Nov 6th 2020

Our Tips on Shag Area Rugs

The ever so popular shag area rug has been apparent in many homes, and for a good reason. Whether it's a high or medium pile, they feel outstanding on your feet, and they look great while at it. Relatively most are simple in style; they also have similar patterns that resonate its color with simplicity. However, while different to maintain than other area rugs' type, you can ensure its longevity with our tips on shag area rugs.

What is a Shag Area Rug

Before we dive into our tips, it's best to define shag area rugs. A recognizable description as they are familiar with many because they feel great on your feet. However, more accessible than a luxury floor plan's carpet, shag area rugs are made of the same threads but just in a portable size. The "shaggy" look, referenced by many, pertains to the fibers of shag area rugs typically cut longer than other area rugs. While cutting into a higher pile, they produce a deep, cozy pile that ranges more or less an inch high - being a higher pile.

General Maintaining Tips

While built differently than other conventional area rugs, shag area rugs require a little more tending. As they feel great to step on, they are also particularly adept at holding debris in place. With a little more elbow grease and focus on specific aspects, we can assure our shag area rugs can maintain its freshness.


While it sounds like common sense, it's essential to vacuum your shag area rug relative to how much it's used. However, it's vital to not wear the fibers out with a relatively too high powered vacuum. A conventional vacuum will work correctly, while a routine vacuum sweep will assure that the debris does not become overbearing when trying to bring them out of the threads.

Shake It Out

Sometimes we don't have the time of the week - or the month to vacuum. It happens. Pair that with an active lifestyle or kids, our shag area rugs' longevity comes into question. Not so fun. When cleaning your area rug, after vacuuming, you can get much of the unnoticed debris out by a firm shake - outside, of course.

Spot Clean

Plenty of times, drink and food accidents happen. Aside from being an unfortunate incident, it's also frustrating. While a conventional spot clean is essential in this situation, it's vital to do it as soon as possible. Not letting it sit and become more absorbed in the carpet, the spot clean timeliness is critical.

Steam Clean

For many, a routine vacuum clean is just not essential to put into the regime. While understandable, that doesn't mean your favorite shag area rug should lose longevity. Available in a range of sizes, steam cleaners are a great alternative to deep clean your area rug when needed. With an excellent cleaning solution, a steam clean is a great way to refresh your carpet.

Choosing A Shag Area Rug

When choosing a shag area rug, we keep in mind that these are rather premium area rugs - in terms of maintaining them. As they feel great, we want them to stay that way - for as long as possible. Nonetheless, this shouldn't deter us from choosing one that feels best.

Keep it Cozy

When selecting a shag area rug, we look for a higher pile area rug. By merely observing the fibers, a simple view will help us get a better preference for how it will feel. While we won't go into the minute details of how and why it feels that way, simple observation and attention to its manufacturing details will ring a bell in our mind - that looks pretty cozy. A unique texture that looks as cozy as it feels, the Loloi Glamour Shag GS-02 Peppercorn looks as great as it feels.

Style in Mind

While some shag area rugs have simple designs, some like to choose them based on their etiquette. With some choosing the mid-century modern style, a complementing shag area rug will look great as well. Available in its corresponding style, the Mohawk Berkshire Chatham Gray will pair great with this theme.


Our tips on shag area rugs hope to give you a solid insight on choosing your next area rug. While we primarily suggest to choose them based on how they feel, the choice to find your next area rug is ultimately up to you. Nonetheless, available in many stales and fabric, finding one that looks as great as it feels is more than achievable. Simply maintaining these area rugs with the tools readily available, there's always a great reason to get your next area rug from Rug Fashion Store