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Decorating with Transitional Area Rugs

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Mar 1st 2021

Decorating with Transitional Area Rugs

When you want to create a cozy and inviting setting, it's essential to add some warmth to each room of the home with area rugs. While there are plenty of benefits of area rugs, there are various types of area rugs available that prevent the floors from feeling too bare and enhance each room's style. As there are a few essential tips to follow to improve their visual appeal when you're decorating with transitional area rugs - let's take a look now.

What are transitional area rugs?

Transitional area rugs have traditional and modern styles with patterns that often make them look antique or vintage. They also have a blend of classic colors with a trendy or contemporary design. Furthermore, synthetic materials often incorporate creating area rugs with high-speed machines - where skilled people even handcraft some area rugs to create higher quality products that can hold up well over time.

Hooked and tufted rugs also fit in this area rug category, where yarns manufacture into the different fabrics' base. On the other hand, hand-knotted area rugs are also an option with yarn vertically run yarn across the loom. Further, our transitional area rugs have intricate patterns in subtle color shades, where you can still find some with borders.

History of Transitional Area Rugs

Transitional area rugs have been used worldwide for thousands of years and date back to the fourth century. Persian area rugs are an excellent example of transitional area rugs, also known as Pazyrk rugs. This type of area rug is unique because it was woven in the Caucasus.

Transitional area rugs have been trendy in the Middle East and are used daily in high traffic areas. These are rugs have been highly valued and treasured by families and are often kept safe in vaults or sold for money. While more modern, you can find our most recent top transitional area rugs of 2020.

Decorating with Transitional Area Rugs - Rug Fashion Store

Interior Designs Themes with Transitional Area Rugs

One of the main reasons transitional area rugs are popular among different types of consumers is how well they work in various home interior styles. There are a few interior design themes that benefit from these area rugs, which include mid-century modern. As the area rugs' vintage style adds a unique touch, it pairs well with mid-century modern furniture's retro look.

Contemporary and farmhouse design themes also benefit from transitional area rugs because of the floral prints they often display. The floral prints add a feminine touch to the setting and prevent it from feeling too cold or bare.

Furthermore, homes with a bohemian style can also appear professionally styled with transitional rugs, which often feature Aztec designs and geometric shapes. This idea can draw more attention to the floor and become the focal point in the room.

How to Decorate with Transitional Area Rugs

There are many ways you can start decorating with transitional area rugs because of their size and unique designs. If you're using the area rug in a living room, the area rug's colors should complement the color scheme in the space. If you place it in the middle of the room, the two front feet on each furniture piece should be placed on top of the rug to tie everything together. For more information, you can find our tips for rugs on carpeting.

If you select a rug with a bold pattern, opt for more subdued designs and decor pieces in the space to prevent the environment from looking too dramatic or busy.

Once you learn how to decorate with transitional area rugs, it can be easier to incorporate them into your home or office to create an attractive environment. Their versatility can allow you to get plenty of use out of them in the coming years while having extra cushion under your feet. While we have plenty of tips, you can find our area rug's comprehensive guide.