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Why Geometric Area Rugs Continue to Be Popular

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Sep 27th 2021

Why Geometric Area Rugs Continue to Be Popular

Geometric area rugs stand out because they have unique shapes that create an eye-catching and edgy look. They're known to be bold and dramatic if you want something that is an anchor to other decor pieces or furniture in the room. When you're furnishing your interior setting, it's essential to know why geometric area rugs continue to be popular.

What are Geometric Area Rugs?

Geometric area rugs are characterized as large rugs that cover most of the floor in the room and have geometric shapes. The area rugs have soft fibers that make them comfortable to walk on and also add a cozy touch when you have tile or hardwood floors in the home.

Geometric area rugs come in various colors, which means they can still look neutral if you want something that doesn't stand out in the room and blends in with other furniture on display. They're available in a variety of different materials, which makes some of the rugs hold up well in outdoor settings. Some area rugs are flat, while others also categorize as Shag Area Rugs, depending on how much texture and thickness you want on the floor.

Why Geometric Area Rugs Continue to Be Popular

There's a high level of versatility with geometric area rugs, which is why they continue to be popular. This accessibility makes it easy for manufacturers to create rugs that look trendy and modern because geometric shapes will always continue to be incorporated into interior design themes.

You can choose an area rug with random geometric shapes on different areas of the carpet if you're selecting a geometric area rug for a children's room, which will create a playful look. If you're decorating a living room, you can search for a geometric area rug with a consistent pattern with diamonds or circles. This will look classic and will create a striking design in the setting because of how much detail it features.

Geometric area rugs can also hide dirt a lot better than other types of rugs because the high level of detail camouflages any stains or discoloration that occurs over time. This makes it easy to own the item for a lot longer than other types of rugs that show spots and stains after a few months.

How to Select the Right Geometric Area Rug

When you're looking to own a geometric area rug, it's essential to measure the size of your room to ensure you know what dimensions you need in the carpet. You can also take a look at the different colors that stand out in the room to ensure you select a rug that fits within your color scheme.

Think about how much foot traffic you get in the room and if you have children or pets present. You may want to select something with darker color shades or a material that is easy to clean if you choose to place it in a high-traffic area.

You'll need to place the main pieces of furniture on the rug to prevent it from looking like it's sitting alone in the center of the room. It would help to place a few decor pieces in other room spots with geometric shapes to make everything fluid and ensure it ties in nicely. For more information, you can find our comprehensive guide on area rugs.

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When you want something popular and appealing to place in your home, a geometric area rug is an item that will offer extra comfort and can set the design theme. The popularity of this type of rug will likely continue, making it easy to continue enjoying the rug without worrying if it'll go out of style. Whether you're looking for decor items that pair well with traditional area rugs or floral area rugs, you can find your next area rug today.