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Decor Items That Pair Well with Traditional Area Rugs

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Sep 20th 2021

Decor Items That Pair Well with Traditional Area Rugs

One of the most common types of furnishings to find in offices, living rooms, and bedrooms are traditional area rugs. Area rugs add a touch of comfort to bare floors and can make the space feel more comfortable each season. If you want to complement your area rug with the decor that you have on display, there are a few items to consider purchasing to ensure everything looks cohesive.

What are Traditional Area Rugs?

Traditional area rugs have a classic design and aren't overly bold or dramatic with their style and appearance. They're known to come in different shapes and sizes to complement different types of rooms. Many traditional area rugs have medallion prints, floral patterns, and stripes. Although some rugs on the market are trendy and can become outdated after a few seasons, vtraditional area rugs can stand the test of time and continue to look attractive. You can use the piece over the years even as your interior design style changes.

Decor Items to Use with Your Area Rug

If you want to make your room look like it was designed by an interior decorator, you can select a few pieces that will pair well with your traditional area rug. It's always essential to incorporate greenery into the space, making it necessary to look for oversized antique vases that can hold a few olive branches or baby's breath. Dried flowers always look stylish and don't need to be replaced compared to fresh flowers. If you have a floral print design on your traditional area rug, opt for branches or stems that don't clash with the flowers incorporated into your rug's design.

Stacks of books will also look traditional and classy, which you can place on an end table or a nearby bookshelf. Consider adding bookends or a small clock next to the books to prevent them from looking like they're floating.

Traditional area rugs are also complemented by small statues - or accent furniture that you incorporate into the space. The timeless elegance of these pieces can create an upscale look in the room and enhance the appearance of the carpet you purchase.

Framed pictures are also traditional and never go out of style. This can add a touch of personalization to the room and can allow you to show off your memories. Consider frames that are simple and don't have too many details or embellishments. Bold and dramatic frames can cause the environment to feel too eclectic and busy. Stick with color shades that work with the color scheme of your area rug.

Decor Items to Avoid

There are also a few types of decor items to avoid purchasing while decorating the room where your area rug is on display. Avoid sleek modern pieces, which can look too bold and can clash with the traditional style of the rug. You also want to avoid anything that has a lot of metallic details or has an industrial design. Try to stick to decor pieces that are also traditional to ensure it fits within the theme.

It's also vital to avoid decor items that are currently trending. These items will likely become outdated in the coming months. Only select products that will age well with your rug and don't need to be replaced in the future as interior design trends change and evolve.

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Knowing the type of decor items that pair well with traditional area rugs will allow you to feel proud to show off your space. This will also allow your house to feel like a home and will prevent the area rug from clashing with the other furnishings you own. Whether you're looking to see why you would choose a casual area in your living room or our floral area rugs, you can find your next area rug today.