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How to Select the Perfect Rug to Use in a Coastal and Beachy Living Room

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Apr 25th 2022

How to Select the Perfect Rug to Use in a Coastal and Beachy Living Room

When you enjoy living by the beach or feel at home with beachy decor, it's vital that the rug you select reflect your personal style. Fortunately, there are a variety of coastal area rugs on the market due to their high demand and timeless appeal. If you want to learn how to select the perfect area rug to use in a coastal and beachy living room, there are a few essential tips to follow to get started.

What are Coastal Area Rugs?

Coastal area rugs are known to have different elements that can be found at the beach. The area rugs have larger dimensions than standard rugs, allowing them to cover most of the floor in different rooms of the home. Coastal area rugs often feature details that include seashells, sand, the ocean, lighthouses, seagulls, and various types of mammals in the water. They can also include nautical design elements like anchors, blue stripes, and boats.

It's easy to find many coastal area rugs that have neutral color shades to reflect the coast. This makes it easy to pair them with a variety of decor pieces and furniture items, even as your style changes over time. The colors used in the area rugs can also reflect the ocean, sky, and sand.

Coastal area rugs are constructed from different types of materials, which is one of the main factors that influence their price point. They're commonly made of synthetic materials, which contributes to their durability and ability to hold up well in high-traffic areas. Some area rugs are also made out of cotton and jute, which influences their overall design and style.

How to Select the Perfect Rug to Use in a Coastal and Beachy Living Room

When you're getting started designing a coastal and beachy living room, it's essential to consider the color palette of the space to ensure the rug complements the setting. If you select an area rug with different colors than what is on display in the living room, it can cause the carpet to clash.

It's also important to create a consistent theme in the living room with your coastal look. If you have a lot of seashells on display, you may want to select an area rug with a few seashells in its print. If you're drawn to the beauty of the ocean and different colors of blue, you can opt for a coastal area rug with an abstract design.

Selecting the right size rug is also a key part as you start to shop around to prevent it from looking awkward in the living room. Measure your living room and select a rug that allows three inches of space to be present on each side of the rug. It should also be large enough to place the front feet of your furniture items on top of the carpet, which will prevent it from looking like it's floating. For more information, you can find our comprehensive guide on area rugs.

Your budget is another factor to keep in mind to avoid spending more than you plan. Keep in mind that area rugs are often an investment but are worth the cost when they're made with quality materials. This guarantees the area rug will remain vibrant and won't fade, develop, loose thread, or show signs of wear over time. Buying a cheaper rug may allow you to save more money but can require replacing it after a year of daily use.

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Once you learn how to select the right coastal area rug for your living room, you can create a space that you feel proud to show off to your guests. The area rug will not only tie the room together but can add extra comfort to the hard floors as you get plenty of use out of the space. Whether you're looking for the top 3 area rug styles to choose for a french inspired room or our contemporary area rugs, you can find your next area rug today.