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The Top 3 Rug Styles to Choose for a French Inspired Room

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Apr 18th 2022

The Top 3 Rug Styles to Choose for a French Inspired Room

When you have a French-inspired room, you need to have an eye for the right types of decor and furnishings that complement the setting. The romantic design and style of the environment can be enhanced with the right area rug in place and will also allow everything to tie together. If you want to select the right carpet to place in your home or office, there are a few area rug styles to choose from for a French-inspired room.

What are Area Rugs?

Area rugs are large rugs that cover most of the floor in different types of rooms and can offer protection to hardwood floors, tile, and linoleum. They're durable and can hold up to daily use and high-traffic areas due to their solid construction and padding. They add a base of texture and pattern to the room to enhance the comfort and style in the setting.

Not only are area rugs functional and practical, but they're also aesthetically pleasing due to their design. They guide your eye to the natural flow of the space and can also catch dirt, making it easier to keep the interior setting clean.

Indoor/outdoor materials are known to have the longest lifespan, making it necessary to choose synthetic fibers if you use the space a lot. Polypropylene, polyester, and nylon are the most common synthetic materials used and are known to be easy to clean.

The Top 3 Area Rug Styles to Choose for a French-inspired Room

If you want a bold rug that has a lot of details, opt for investing in an oriental rug - which is commonly referred to as a traditional area rug. Oriental rugs are available in a variety of color shades and can add more visual appeal to the floor. They pair well with similar Parisian prints and patterns without clashing or looking too eclectic. A neutral oriental rug will look chic and pairs well with all types of color schemes.

Rustic area rugs are an excellent style to select to create a beautiful French-inspired room. Look for area rugs that naturally appear worn or have abstract prints - such as geometric area rugs. Trellis area rugs look like contemporary area rugs but still have a French touch that sets the theme in the room.

Floral area rugs are also an option and can make the room appear elegant and upscale. You can create a festive look in the room with a floral area rug that adds pops of color to the space.

How to Place the Area Rug in the Right Spot

It's essential to have all of the bulky furniture in the room placed on the rug to prevent the area rug from looking like it's floating. Smaller side tables don't need to be placed on the area rug, which can cause the space to look cluttered.

There should be a minimum of three feet of exposed floor space on each side of the rug. Eighteen inches is the most common amount of exposed floor space. If you're adding the area rug to a small room, you can opt for eight inches of space on each side of the area rug. Although it can be easy to opt for a smaller rug due to the high price tag of area rugs, skimping on the size can cause it to look awkward and underwhelming in the room. For more information, you can find our comprehensive guide on area rugs.

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There are plenty of area rug styles to choose from for a French-inspired room to ensure you have more options and can create a custom look. The addition of the area rug will make the carpet the main focal point of the room and can tie all of your decors together when it features similar elements and colors. Whether you're looking for top design prints that are currently trending with area rugs or our contemporary area rugs, you can find your next area rug today.