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Decorating with Solid Area Rugs

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Apr 26th 2021

Decorating with Solid Area Rugs

Solid area rugs are among the most popular types of furnishings to incorporate in homes and offices because of the warmth and decorative appeal they add. Their simple design makes them versatile and easy to match and pair with various design themes and decor items. There are a few main facts to learn when you're planning on decorating with solid area rugs. Let's take a look now.

What are Solid Area Rugs?

Solid area rugs come in various materials, textures, and colors to complement different rooms in the building. They're large enough to cover most of the floor in the room and add padding and comfort to bare floors. The textile floor coverings are not designed to extend to the wall and effectively anchoring different types of furniture.

You can use them to unite the various colors in the room and even set the tone or style of the place. You can add them to a bare or cold room for added comfort or define a specific space in an open floor plan. Multiple area rugs can be used in more extensive settings to break up the environment.

Intricate Patterns and Unique Fabrics

There are a variety of patterns and fabrics used with different solid area rugs available on the market. Jute area rugs are hardwearing and work well in dining rooms, hallways, and even outdoor settings.

Shag area rugs are also a popular solid option with long threads and are comfortable to walk on in the home. This style is ideal for bedrooms or lounge areas.

Many solid area rugs even feature intricate patterns to add more visual appeal to the setting. They can incorporate more drama into the room and become the main focal point.

Interior Design Themes

Almost any interior design theme works well with solid area rugs - such as Mid-Century Modern, which is one of the main reasons they remain popular. You can select an area rug with a trellis design to complement a contemporary interior setting. Solid area rugs in primary colors work in any room, whether you're decorating a rustic dining room or a colorful children's room. Some area rugs even feature abstract designs and prints to complement upscale, luxurious rooms that are more modern. According to The Spruce, they are often used as artwork on the floor and can add playfulness to a bland or minimal setting.

Decorating Ideas

When you're decorating with solid area rugs, you'll need to choose a material that will hold up well in the setting. If it's a high-traffic area, choose an area rug with a low pile. You'll need to use the area rugs to unify the furniture and tie everything together. Everything will look cohesive, with the coffee table, TV stand, and accent chairs all have the first two legs placed on the area rug. For more information on placement and composition, you can find our comprehensive guide on area rugs.

You can also add an area rug in a dining room to add more visual organization. An area rug in the dining room will center the furniture and prevent the tables and chairs from looking like they're floating.

How to Decorate with Solid Area Rugs

Consider the color scheme in the room when you're selecting your solid area rug. You may need something that adds a pop of color or is a neutral canvas that balances out other prints or patterns in the room. There should be an average of 18 inches of bare floor space around the rug when you place it in the room. If you're using it in a small room, there should be nine inches of floor space on each side of the rug. Whether you're looking to decorate with solid area rugs or decorating with geometric area rugs, you can find your next area rug at Rug Fashion Store today.