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Decorating with Geometric Area Rugs

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Apr 5th 2021

Decorating with Geometric Area Rugs

Geometric area rugs continue to increase in popularity for their unique and bold designs. Their modern and contemporary style makes them look upscale and can dress up any room, whether you're furnishing your home office or a living room. If you're ready to design your interior setting, there are a few rules to follow when decorating with geometric area rugs.

History of Geometric Area Rugs

Geometric area rugs - similar to decorating with traditional area rugs, have been used for many decades and are popular on runways and found in different homes. They often feature diamonds, hexagons, and even quatrefoils. With the large size of the area rug, the geometric print often determines the setting's style and design and is the main focal point in the room. It can often become a conversation piece and add a touch of elegance while adding warmth to bare floors.

Flat weaving dates back to 2,000 BC in Asia and the Middle East, and rugs were commonly owned by the wealthy. Rugs were mass-produced in Belgium and other European regions with machines. In the modern-day, these area rugs are not excluded from all the benefits of an area rug.

With geometric rugs, natural and synthetic dyes are used to create different types of patterns. They also had a surge in popularity in the 1960s in more casual settings. Due to their quality construction, many people choose to purchase vintage rugs that continue to have a high appeal and look stylish in modern homes.

Interior Design Themes

Various interior design themes work well with geometric area rugs, which is why they continue to be a popular choice. Many people who design their homes with modern styles select geometric area rugs because of the bold lines and repetitive patterns. Chevron print is a popular option that is stylish and trendy.

Furthermore, they have many geometric weights, which allows them to anchor other furniture items and decor pieces in the setting. These area rugs with diamond shapes are elegant and can add extra detail to the room. The clean and straightforward lines prevent the pattern from looking outdated in the coming years, even if you change the room's style.

Mid-century modern design themes are also known for incorporating geometric area rugs because of the contemporary appeal, which includes many bold patterns and possible retro colors.

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How to Decorate with Geometric Area Rugs

When you're decorating with geometric area rugs, avoid repeating the print motifs more than one time in the room. This common idea can make the design look overwhelming and too busy. Too many hexagons with your wallpaper, rugs, and blankets can be distracting and hard to take in when you walk into the room. It's also necessary to place each furniture item's two front feet onto the rug to ensure it ties everything together. Some furniture can have all four legs placed on the area rug.


An area rug that you see in many contemporary settings, our geometric area rugs double in other area rugs categories. Such as our contemporary area rugs, the bold patterns are used often and plenty. With or without the retro colors that define modern ideas, geometric area rugs are an excellent addition to any interior design setting. Whether you're decorating with floral area rugs or looking for a traditional area rug pattern that lasts with the fabrics of time - you can always find your next area rug at Rug Fashion Store today.