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Decorating with Floral Area Rugs

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Mar 22nd 2021

Decorating with Floral Area Rugs

Floral area rugs are among the most popular types of furnishings to find in homes because they have a beautiful design that works with all rooms. Floral area rugs can add a touch of warmth to bare floors and enhance the setting's visual appeal. There are a few facts to learn if you want to know about decorating with floral area rugs.

History of Floral Area Rugs

Area rugs were first constructed in 3,000 B.C. when animal hair from sheep, goats, and even camels was used. Just like the plenty of benefits of area rugs, these area rugs were an essential part of interior settings and blocked cool air from transferring up through the ground for added warmth in the colder seasons. In the 7th century, oriental rugs became more common when different types of decorations were used, specifically in the Middle East. Custom-made rugs also became a symbol that represented wealth as many forms of textiles were created in Asia and the Middle East.

By the 18th century, rugs developed more modern styling, which included floral prints and patterns. They were then commonly used to hang over the windows to use as curtains. By the 20th century, synthetic dyes were built in the manufacturing process to create vibrant color shades that offer more options and versatility with the available designs.

Interior Design Themes

Contemporary design themes, such as Mid-Century Modern, work well with floral area rugs. The classic design of floral area rugs is timeless, which prevents them from looking outdated or old-fashioned over time.

Homes with French country designs also benefit from this type of rug because of the floral print's romantic look. Rugs with jewel tones can enrich the setting's quality and create a cozy and luxurious place to spend time.

Modern settings can also have a higher level of design when mixing Asian fabrics and Aubusson rugs. The eye will absorb everything with a single glance when you're intentional about staying in one period.

Decorating Ideas

Consider mixing different floral prints with your floral area rug to create a slightly bohemian style, an eclectic design unique and gorgeous. Consider pairing a floral couch with a floral area rug if you want to create a bold and dramatic look. You can also choose to pair neutral furniture pieces with the floral area rug to make the pattern stand out more.

Using a mix of colors in the space will also allow you to execute a Chinoiserie aesthetic that feels fresh and uplifting. Don't be afraid to use a combination of shapes, textiles, and colors. You can even use different types of floral details from different cultures with the rug to create a unique blend specific to your style and personal taste.

Decorating with Floral Area Rugs - Rug Fashion Store

How to Decorate with Floral Area Rugs

Floral area rugs will anchor the room when you have different furniture items in the space, whether you use them in an entryway or living room. If you want to create an urban feel, look for a rug with large-scale floral patterns in bold colors like purple and pink.

Watercolor florals will also pair well in rooms with a mid-century modern design. Florals with mixed patterns are also an option if you have patterns similar to vintage area rugs or antique furniture in the room with intricated details. This design trend will work well in a library or home office that has an upscale feel.

Decorating with floral area rugs can spruce up your setting and make it feel cozier and more inviting. Better planned items in place can allow you to feel right at home and make space look professionally designed. Whether you're looking to decorate with traditional area rugs or contemporary area rugs, you can find your next area rug today.