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Decorating with Coastal Area Rugs

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Apr 19th 2021

Decorating with Coastal Area Rugs

Coastal area rugs are ideal to use for those who enjoy having a beach theme in their home and want something to tie the room together. These area rugs often use a variety of natural color shades and feature unique materials. An area rug category that epitomizes the beach tones and sandy shores that we're so fond of has a few things to consider when decorating with coastal area rugs. Let's take a look now!

What are Coastal Area Rugs?

Our coastal area rugs are available in various styles, depending on how you want to decorate your interior setting. These area rugs often feature abstract designs with a few natural colors, which can mimic the sand and the ocean. There are even different types of prints with anchors and lifesavers to execute a coastal look.

Blue coastal area rugs with white stripes are also present on many of these area rugs for a nautical design - that is fun and bold. Some area rugs even look as if you're standing on the sand. Where some even capture the feeling of being next to the water - for an eye-catching effect.

Material Difference and Versatility

There are various types of materials used in coastal area rugs, including jute and sisal, which look similar to sand because of their natural color. Some area rugs are constructed with synthetic materials, mainly when they feature prints and different color shades.

Wool and cotton are commonly used to construct woven area rugs, known to be hardwearing and durable. Similarly, some shag area rugs with a high pile are made out of polypropylene and have a soft and fluffy texture.

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Interior Design Themes

A few interior design themes pair well with coastal area rugs, which include beach and nautical themes. Classic and modern themes also benefit from coastal area rugs if you want a touch of the outdoors. Like choosing a contemporary area rug, you can select an area rug that features bold stripes, starfish, and oversized octopuses to draw more attention to the floor and add a bit of liveliness.

Some of these area rugs are also neutral enough to use in minimal settings. This idea can allow you to have an area rug that blends in with different color schemes and can continue to be used when your style changes in the future.

Some masculine settings with modern furniture will also pair well with coastal area rugs with sailboats or coastal rope patterns. Our home decor has plentiful options for your next interior design project.

Decorating Ideas

When you want to decorate with coastal area rugs, consider starting with the area rug before choosing other furniture to add. This direction can allow the area rug to set the style of the room since there are so many different types of beach and coastal looks to consider.

The area rug's color should have a good level of contrast with the color of your floor to prevent it from blending in too much or clashing. If you have a large living room you want to use the rug in, consider an area rug with a bold print to anchor the furniture and allow it to become the focal point in the space.

If you're decorating with coastal area rugs in a dining room, opt for something with an oriental print with different colors in our blue coastal area rugs selection. This idea will add a regal touch to the ambiance and dress up the room to prevent it from looking off-putting. If you have a casual dining room you're decorating, select a rug with thin stripes, which will look more laidback. While there are plenty of ideas for decorating the home office under a budget, the ideas are seemingly endless.

How to Decorate with Coastal Area Rugs

When you're decorating with coastal area rugs, the rug should be an average of three feet from the walls. Some designers tend to use rug pads to prevent it from sliding around. If you already have carpet in the room, choose a runner coastal area rug that you can place under the two front feet of a bed. This concept will allow it to look decorative without making it clash with the carpet. For more information, you can find our comprehensive guide on area rugs. Whether you're looking at decorating with shag area rugs or our geometric area rugs, you can always find your next area rug today.