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Decorating with Shag Area Rugs

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Apr 12th 2021

Decorating with Shag Area Rugs

With a pile height that adapts comfortability with its style, our shag area rugs are an excellent addition to plentiful interior design themes. A rather luxurious area rug selection that great on the feet, this area rug style looks as good as it feels. When decorating with shag area rugs, there are few points to consider. Let's take a look now.

What are Shag Area Rugs?

Shag area rugs are often created from various materials and have long fibers, creating a soft and plush texture. This type of rug offers more warmth than traditional oriental rugs and adds a cozy touch to the home's different rooms. This type of rug is primarily used on hardwood or vinyl floors. Our shag area rugs are available in various colors, textures, and patterns to complement different interior settings styles. They are often constructed from acrylic, polyester, faux fur, leather, and polypropylene materials.

History of Shag Area Rugs

Shag area rugs were first used in Ancient Greece with Flokati rugs and were constructed from goat hair because of the long strands. The area rugs' popularity spread to the Middle East and was commonly used to furnish royal palaces. Although shag rugs vary in their design and construction, they stand out for their long loops and deep pile.

Shag rugs returned in the 1960s and '70s when interior design trends became bolder and reflected the hippie lifestyle. They were commonly used on the vans' floors and were soft enough for people to sit on while riding in the vehicles. Today, shag rugs continue to remain popular and appear more contemporary.

Interior Design Themes

Modern interior design themes, such as mid-century modern, work well with shag area rugs because the area rugs are available in various neutral color shades. They're available in trellis prints, which creates an upscale and elegant look. Boho themes are known for incorporating this area rug because they add to bedrooms and living rooms due to the eclectic accent.

Our shag rugs are also a popular type of furnishing in rustic or farmhouse settings because they look cozy and work well in nurseries, bedrooms, and living rooms. Mid-century and Scandinavian design themes can also benefit from shag area rugs. The area rugs now feature long tassels on the ends, which creates a simple but trendy design that pairs beautifully with hardwood floors.

Some shag rugs are even available in different shapes, like our round shag area rugs. The circular design allows them to complement smaller settings like nurseries or entryways.

Decorating Ideas

When decorating with shag area rugs, consider placing a wood accent chair on the furnishing to balance out the product's fluffy texture. It's also vital that the color of the area rug works within the color scheme of the room.

Consider placing it in an office in the center of the room to draw more attention to the desk. This placement will prevent the desk from looking like it's floating on the floor. If you plan to use it in a bedroom, place it at the end of the bed. Add a long bench to prevent too much of the area rug from sticking out and looking awkward in the room. While decorating ideas are seemingly endless, you can find more decorating ideas under a budget today.

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How to Decorate with Shag Area Rugs

When you're decorating with shag area rugs, balance out the product with wood materials and metallic accents, plenty of upholstered furniture will pair well with the area rug's beautiful texture. This pairing can add more warmth, especially in larger rooms. If you want to use it in a children's room, select a colorful area rug that brightens up space and hides dirt or stains that develop over time.

If you're decorating with shag area rugs in an entryway, use a long shag area runner that is comfortable to walk on and will also prevent dirt from spreading throughout the house.


An eclectic area rug category that defines luxury with its long strands and great pile height, our shag area rugs look as good as they feel. With its availability in many colors, shag area rugs align with our contemporary area rugs due to some bold and vibrant colors. Nonetheless, if you're looking to decorating with geometric area rugs or our traditional area rugs, you can always find your next area rug at Rug Fashion Store today.