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The Top Area Rugs Styles to Update Your Master Bedroom

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - May 16th 2022

The Top Area Rugs Styles to Update Your Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is a space that should allow you to unwind and feel at ease at the end of a long day. The furnishings and decor that are on display significantly influence the tone and style of the space, making it necessary to choose the right items to use. When you want to transform the setting, here are the top area rug styles to update your master bedroom.

What are Area Rugs?

Area rugs are large pieces of carpet that can be moved to different areas and are easy to roll up and transport. The area rugs cover a large surface area and can offer a touch of warmth and protection to bare floors.

Area rugs are designed to be visible and can be placed under different furniture items in the room. They're made out of a variety of different materials like jute, cotton, rope, and polyethylene. Area rugs are available in all shapes, sizes, and patterns to accommodate different types of settings.

The Top Area Rugs Styles to Update Your Master Bedroom

If you want to update your master bedroom and create a contemporary setting, it's essential to consider different styles to ensure you can select the right area rug. The area rug will set the tone and theme of the room due to its large size. As you start shopping around, there are a few main styles that are currently trending.

Traditional Area Rugs

Traditional area rugs never go out of style or look outdated because they're considered to be timeless. Traditional area rugs stand out for their intricate details and exude an upscale look that complements different types of interior design styles. Traditional area rugs work well for modern, farmhouse, or hipster rooms. If you want the area rug to appear similar to a contemporary area rug, look for a traditional area rug that has a larger print or pattern.

Morrocan Area Rugs

Moroccan rugs are similar to geometric area rugs and are considered to be works of art when they're handmade. Many people even choose to display them on walls to show off their intricate and beautiful designs. Morrocan rugs are considered to be a trendy style and have a high level of visual appeal with their vibrant colors. This is a great area rug style if you want the master bedroom to have an industrial or boho look.

Shag Area Rugs

Shag rugs are incredibly soft and luxurious, which adds extra comfort to the floors when you're barefoot and get out of bed each morning. Shag area rugs will create a glamorous design in the room and will look plush due to their long fibers. They continue to remain a popular pick because of the warmth they offer to bare floors. This area rug style is an excellent option if you want your master bedroom to look glamorous, retro, or Parisian.

Monochromatic Area Rugs

Many people use monochromatic rugs in their master bedrooms because of their clean minimal design. This allows the area rug to contribute to a light and airy setting where there aren't a lot of decor items on display. Monochromatic area rugs are perfect if you want a room with a pared-down style. Look for rugs with only one or two colors to create a chic and modern setting. Choosing a neutral rug with an intricate pattern can also create a statement.

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Adding a new area rug to your master bedroom is a great way to update the setting and change its theme. Placing it under the master bed will allow it to become the main focal point in the room and tie all of the furnishings together. Whether you're looking for the top 6 benefits of adding a jute rug to your living space or our floral area rugs, you can find your next area rug today.