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The Top 6 Benefits of Adding a Jute Rug to Your Living Space

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - May 9th 2022

The Top 6 Benefits of Adding a Jute Rug to Your Living Space

When it comes to furnishing your interior setting, rugs are an excellent investment that is decorative and functional. They have a timeless appeal and complement different types of furniture and decor in various rooms. Jute rugs are one of the most popular types of area rugs on the market due to the different benefits they offer.

What are Jute Area Rugs?

Jute area rugs are constructed with fibers from jute plants that grow throughout Asia. The fibers are typically used to make burlap fabric, rugs, and ropes. Jute area rugs are one of the most common materials on the market and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Although jute is known to be durable and robust, it also has a soft texture to make it comfortable to walk on when it's on the floor.

The Top 6 Benefits of Adding a Jute Rug to Your Living Space

Jute area rugs continue to be a popular choice among consumers due to their versatility. They offer many benefits and can be worth their investment because of their overall value.

1. Protect the Floors

Jute rugs are an excellent addition to any type of space because they offer a high level of protection to the floors. The rugs are thick and can act as a barrier to foot traffic, allowing wood or vinyl floors to maintain their beautiful appearance over time.

2. Durability

The durability of jute rugs allows them to hold up well in high-traffic areas. They don't show signs of wear and tear with frequent use, which allows you to get more of your investment over time.

3. Low Price Tag

Jute area rugs are known to have a more affordable price tag than other types of area rugs in the industry. This allows them to fit within more people's budgets and avoid investing in an area rug that needs to be replaced in a few years. Their affordability makes it possible to purchase multiple jute rugs for different rooms of the home.

4. Low-maintenance

Jute area rugs are easy to own because they don't require a lot of care or maintenance throughout the week. They're easy to vacuum with a brush attachment to pick up dust and dirt that accumulates. If any spots develop, they're easy to blot out with a damp rag. Due to their dark color shade, it can be easy for small spots or dirt to go hidden to ensure the product continues to look new.

5. Beautiful Appearance

Jute area rugs are popular because they complement different types of interior design styles. They're known to pair well with farmhouse, modern, minimal, and industrial settings. This can allow you to continue to use the area rug as your taste changes over time. They're also available in a variety of color shades to ensure they can pair well with different color schemes.

6. Warmth

During the colder months of the year, it can be uncomfortable to walk on bare floors while spending time in the home. Jute rugs offer a touch of warmth and can make the space feel cozy and inviting. There are also many types of jute rugs that are blended with chenille, allowing the texture to feel softer. This makes the area rug an ideal product to add to a nursery or children's room where kids can play on the floor and feel more comfortable in cold climates.

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Once you learn the top 6 benefits of adding a jute rug, it can be easier to narrow down your options and decide if it's the right product for your home or office. The area rug can make the room look complete and won't appear outdated in the coming years. Whether you're looking at how to mix different patterns with your floral area rug or our contemporary area rugs, you can find your next area rug today.