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How to Mix Different Patterns with Your Floral Area Rug

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - May 3rd 2022

How to Mix Different Patterns with Your Floral Area Rug

When you have a floral area rug in your home, the design and print are likely one of the main focal points in the room. The elegant and feminine pattern can set the theme of the space and determine your interior design style. If you want to create a slightly eclectic look, there are a few patterns that mix and pair well with floral area rugs.

What are Floral Area Rugs?

Floral area rugs feature different types of botanicals on rugs that take up most of the floor in different rooms of the home. Floral area rugs are known to be used under furniture or in the center of the room and can offer extra padding to hard floors where tile or hardwood materials are present.

There are a variety of different types of floral area rugs available on the market, making it easy to have more of a selection. Floral area rugs can feature large flowers that are fully bloomed and complemented by vines and leaves. Some types of floral area rugs feature a mixture of different types of flowers and include a variety of colors.

Floral area rugs work with different design themes, depending on the type of artwork that is present on the area rug. Some of these area rugs have delicate sketches of flowers, abstract images, or traditional prints with borders.

When you incorporate this type of rug into your home or office, it adds elegance and a luxurious style to your interior setting. It can create a gorgeous backdrop on the floor, whether you're decorating your living room or a girl's room. It also incorporates the outdoors into the home, adding a touch of greenery that brightens up the space and can allow it to feel cheery.

How to Mix Different Patterns with Your Floral Area Rug

When you want to mix different prints with floral area rugs, stick to prints that have similar colors and have the same color palette. This will create a cohesive look and will allow everything to flow well instead of clash.

Avoid choosing other prints that are busy and have a lot of details, which can be overly distracting. Opt for neutral patterns that are minimal and naturally blend well into the space.

The other patterns that you incorporate into the room can be similar to one another and feature the same types of details. They can all have the same theme.

The Benefits of Investing in a Floral Area Rug

When you invest in a floral area rug, you can enjoy owning a timeless and classic item that doesn't go out of style. Floral prints continue to remain popular after many centuries due to their beautiful design. The area rug can continue to be on display even as your interior design evolves and changes in the future.

Floral area rugs also offer warmth on bare floors during the colder seasons. This can offer increased comfort and allow you to get more use out of the space. You don't have to worry about walking around on cold floors and can feel cozier while lounging around.

Floral area rugs can also offer protection to your floors. They can prevent the floors from having exposure to UV rays and will act as a barrier when items drop or spill.

How to Mix Different Patterns with Your Floral Area Rug


Once you learn how to mix different patterns with your floral area rug, you can have more confidence in designing your home. It'll be easier to navigate the design process and choose pieces that bring out the natural beauty of your floral area rug without creating a distracting or busy space. Whether you're looking at how to select the perfect rug to use in a coastal and beachy living room or our contemporary area rugs, you can find your next area rug today.