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Our Top Contemporary Area Rugs of 2020

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Dec 11th 2020

Our Top Contemporary Area Rugs of 2020

Staying with the trends or reveling in the tech, contemporary area rugs maintain their timeless patterns while adhering to an updating manufacturing process. Contrary to traditional classics - while still being a great option, our contemporary area rugs refer to the popular favorites in design that pay homage to tradition or abstract art. With mid-century modern being a currently popular theme for designers, let's take a look at our top contemporary area rugs of 2020.

What are Contemporary Area Rugs?

Before we get into our top contemporary area rugs of 2020, it's best to define what exactly are contemporary area rugs. With contemporary referring to a modern approach to design, choosing a contemporary area rug can come down to trending styles that enhance the rug as a focal point of the room - such as Mid-Century Modern. Other considerations when selecting a contemporary area rug are as follows:

  • Don't forget quality
  • Create a statement with a pattern
  • Try traditional area rugs

All contingent on your design preference, the ever-so-popular Mid-Century Modern approach is a popular theme to complement your contemporary area rug. As mid-century modern refers to the retro colors from the 60s - the area rug maintains vibrant colors or an abstract pattern for your visitors to enjoy.

Why Contemporary Area Rugs?

As in anything design, choosing our contemporary area rugs comes down to your personal preference. While our top traditional area rugs are also a great option, our suggestion is to find a pattern that resonates with your design and upstands with quality - for the obscurities in life. Nonetheless, when selecting our area rugs, the benefits of adding an area rug into your home are immeasurable. However, our top 5 benefits of an area rug are as follows:

  • Warmth aka Better Insulation
  • Noise Reduction
  • Combats Allergies
  • Cleaning is Easier
  • Covers the messes of life

In and of itself, choosing an area rug is always an excellent idea. However, choosing a contemporary area rug encourages your progressive design - that stays up to date with the essence of time.

Our Top Contemporary Area Rugs of 2020

With that, our contemporary area rugs have a wide range for the designer in everyone. Whether it be the minimal elements in newly defined patterns, abstract art inspired by the earlier generations, or a new take on timeless designs - our range of contemporary area rugs is manufactured with new material to hold up with the ambiguity of life. While the community has spoken for itself, let's explore our top contemporary area rugs of 2020.

Magnolia Home Holloway Ivory - Black by Joanna Gaines

A hand-woven classic, the Holloway collection by Joanna Gaines retains an incredible amount of textural detail - finished with a generous fringe. Bringing warm neutrals to life with quality craftsmanship, Holloway features a blend of wool, cotton, and nylon. Crafted by Loloi, the details of the Magnolia Home Holloway Ivory - Black by Joanna Gaines are as follows:

  • Style: Bohemian, Contemporary
  • Pile Height: 0.31
  • Construction: Hand-Woven
  • Material: Wool Blend
  • Fiber: Wool, Cotton, Nylon
  • Origin: USA
Magnolia Home Holloway Ivory - Black by Joanna Gaines Banner - Rug Fashion Store

Feizy Home Prasad Gray

For the alluring and pensive designs, the Prasad collection offers a considerable canvas to showcase its design. Using various grays, charcoal ecru, and subtle blue - this area rug creates a dynamic shimmer from the high-low finishes. Power-loomed with a new polypropylene yarn that mimics viscose in its ultra-soft texture and lavish sheen, the Feizy Home Prasad Gray translates to sheer glamour and elegance. The details for this area rug are as follows:

  • Style: Contemporary
  • Pile Height: 0.39
  • Material: Jute Blend
  • Fiber: Polypropylene, Jute, Polyester, Cotton
  • Origin: Turkey
Feizy Home Prasad Gray Banner - Rug Fashion Store

Nourison Celestial Sealife Area Rug

By paying homage to beautiful seas, the Celestial collection resembles the coral reefs along a sandy shoreline. Like the coral reefs, this area rug brings oceanic to life with its deep blues, vivid orange, and gleaming yellow tones for a breathtaking flow. The details of the Nourison Celestial Sealife Area Rug are as follows:

  • Style: Contemporary
  • Pile Height: 0.5
  • Construction: Machine-Woven
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Fiber: 100% Polypropylene
  • Origin: Turkey
Nourison Celestial Sealife Area Rug Banner - Rug Fashion Store


When choosing a contemporary area rug, the possibilities in your interior design are endless. As our contemporary area rugs pay homage to abstract art, re-defined tradition, or minimal elements - these designs resonate with the community - and for a good reason. Whether you prefer our top transitional area rugs or any of our area rugs, you can always find your next area rug today.