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Living Room Decorating Ideas with Vintage Area Rugs

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Jul 19th 2021

Living Room Decorating Ideas with Vintage Area Rugs

One of the best ways to add character to a room is with the use of area rugs. Vintage area rugs are classic and beautiful to ensure you can create a unique and personal setting. There are a few facts to understand about this type of furnishing when you're looking for living room decorating ideas with vintage area rugs. Let's take a look now!

What are Vintage Area Rugs?

Vintage area rugs have a distinct look and intricate details. They're a nod to past decades and offer timeless appeal with their beauty and elegance. Vintage area rugs often include oriental designs and have woven materials, allowing them to be constructed with durability. This allows them to hold up well in high-traffic areas.

Vintage area rugs cover a large part of the floor and take up most of the room to ensure you can enjoy the comfort of a carpet and soft material under your feet. This allows them to add extra warmth and make a house feel more like home. For more in-depth detail, you can find our comprehensive guide on area rugs in your home.

Living Room Themes

There are many styles of themes that go well with vintage area rugs, making them an ideal investment because you can continue to use them as your style and taste change over time. Boho living rooms pair well with vintage area rugs because of the shabby style of the space.

Contemporary settings - such as mid-century modern, are also enhanced with a vintage area rug. The area rug immediately creates an upscale environment that looks more expensive and elegant. The area rug can feature neutral color shades to ensure it blends in well without taking away the attention of the other furnishings and decor items on display.

Modern industrial settings also benefit from vintage area rugs. The item will add a beautiful touch to cement floors without taking away from the masculinity of the environment. Rich woods and dark color shades will pair well with any style of the vintage area rug, creating a regal and visually appealing setting.

Decorating Ideas

When you're decorating with vintage area rugs, you can pair them with raw wood materials to enhance the richness of the colors on the carpet. The item will also pair well with gold or brass hardware as an accent.

Opt for using poufs and small accent tables on the vintage area rug to create a comfortable but upscale environment. An oversized coffee table and glass or lucite furniture items will allow the area rug to appear more contemporary and modern.

Vintage area rugs can have a rug pad placed underneath to ensure they stay in place as people walk around. They should be a few feet away from a fireplace to prevent the room from looking too cluttered or crowded.

If you want to draw more attention to the area rug and allow it to look slightly more updated, opt for layering it with a neutral area rug underneath that is somewhat larger. This will not only add more padding on the floor but will create a trendy look that is unique and original.

When you're looking for living room decorating ideas, keep in mind that all furniture of the area rug setting should be placed on top of it. Avoid placing any of your accent tables or chairs off of the area rug, which will prevent it from tying the room together and creating proper balance in the space.

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When you're looking for living room decorating ideas, you can have fun with vintage area rugs as you display them in your home. The item will be a conversation piece and can be something you get plenty of use out of for many years to come. Whether you're looking for living room decorating ideas with casual area rugs or our contemporary area rugs, you can find your next area rug today.