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Living Room Decorating Ideas with Transitional Area Rugs

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - May 24th 2021

Living Room Decorating Ideas with Transitional Area Rugs

The living room is the main room where residents spend the most time, making it necessary to create a cozy and comfortable setting. Transitional area rugs are an excellent addition because they add a warm touch to the floors and add cushion under the feet. If you're searching for living room decorating ideas with transitional area rugs, there are a few designs to consider with this type of decor item.

What are Transitional Area Rugs?

Transitional area rugs vary in quality, materials, and style to complement different rooms and provide residents with various options. They blend both modern and traditional techniques and often feature a pattern that mimics a vintage area rug. Some even feature chic, simple details that allow them to be more versatile. Their intricate details can enable the area rugs to be used as works of art in the home when you're furnishing the living space.

Transitional area rugs help add scale to the room and can allow small rooms to appear more spacious. They were once a popular furnishing to find in the palaces of Persian Sultans, where large spaces were present. They can also allow you to change up the room's design without making any permanent changes to the setting. The print can make it easy to alter the style, especially seasonally.

Living Room Themes

Transitional area rugs complement various living room themes, which is why they're easy to find in most households when you're looking for living room decorating ideas. They work well in formal and upscale living rooms because of their regal designs. Rooms with elegant features and lavish curtains can pair well with this style of rug.

Contemporary rooms, such as Mid-Century Modern, are continuously enhanced and complemented by transitional area rugs. Their simple designs and abstract colors can look decorative without appearing too trendy. Transitional rugs also complement chic rooms that are feminine and romantic.

Minimalist settings that are clean and don't have many details also benefit from this type of area rug. You can also select an area rug with a geometric print with straight lines to enhance the aesthetics of the space.

Decorating Ideas

If you're looking for living room decorating ideas with transitional area rugs, there are several ideas to consider. Even if you have a living room with carpet, you can still layer the transitional area rug to add more style to space. The print on the area rug can add more depth to the setting and add texture to hardwood floors.

You can layer this type of area rug onto a more extensive area rug for more dimension. This transitional area rug can be placed on top of a larger jute rug, which can even look like a border. It's also a great way of incorporating a smaller transitional area rug that may not be large enough for the living room.

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Measuring the room is one of the most critical steps to take when decorating with an area rug. The rug should leave at least 18 inches of bare floor around it on all four sides. All furniture items in the room should have at least two legs resting on the rug to ensure it ties everything together. Only the front legs on each furniture item should be resting on the material.