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Living Room Decorating Ideas with Southwestern Area Rugs

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Jun 1st 2021

Living Room Decorating Ideas with Southwestern Area Rugs

Southwestern area rugs are unique because of their patterns and geometric shapes when making a statement in the room. They can furnish any type of setting and can complement the other types of decor on display. If you're looking to enhance your interior environment, there are a few living room decorating ideas to consider with southwestern area rugs - to add more appeal. Let's take a look now.

What are Southwestern Area Rugs?

Southwestern area rugs are heavily influenced by the designs and artwork of Native American tribes. They often feature various colors and have bold elements to draw more attention to the floor. The dyes used are vibrant and hold up well over time to ensure they maintain their eye-catching look. Many of the colors are pulled from natural landscapes and feature colors like brown, yellow, orange, and green. The earth tones complement the blues that reflect the sky and red that reflects the dirt or clay.

Living Room Themes

When you're researching living room decorating ideas with southwestern area rugs, it's essential to know what themes work well with this area rug style. Boho themes pair well because of the earthy and organic design elements. Boho is known to be relaxing with plenty of outside factors, making a southwestern area rug blend in well with the surroundings.

Mid- Century modern settings also benefit from southwestern area rugs. A brown or black leather couch will look beautiful when paired with this style of an area rug. Eclectic themes with many prints and color shades also look stylish because of the unique design of the southwestern rug.

Southwestern area rugs also pair beautifully with Navajo styles and fit right in because of the similar look. The rug style will set the tone of the room and will determine the theme.

Many people who have a wild west or rustic theme in their home also choose to add southwestern area rugs. The natural look of the rug blends in well with country environments where cowboy boots, hats, and lassos are on display.

Decorating Ideas

When you're decorating with a southwestern area rug, it's essential to consider the other types of colors in the room before selecting the carpet you're going to use in the setting. If you have a room with many browns and greens, choose an area rug with orange and tan color shades to ensure it works well with the color scheme in the room.

You also want to avoid overcrowding the space and causing it to look too cluttered with an overabundance of prints and patterns. The southwestern area rug should be the leading print that is on display, or it can cause the space to look too busy. When you're selecting a southwestern area rug, pair it with furniture that has neutral color shades.

Abstract art will also pair well with this area rug style instead of selecting art prints or paintings with more patterns. Choose art within the same color scheme as the rug to ensure the space looks professionally designed.

This style of an area rug can even be mounted on a wall to make it stand out. The unique pattern on the area rug will make it look like a work of art in the living room.

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After discovering a few living room decorating ideas, you can have more options to incorporate the rug into your living space. It can become a staple in the home and offer more comfort to your family members while spending time lounging and relaxing indoors. Whether you're looking for living decorating ideas with transitional area rugs or our geometric area rugs, you can find your next area rug at Rug Fashion Store today.