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How Traditional Area Rugs Create a Rich Look in Your Living Room

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - May 23rd 2022

How Traditional Area Rugs Create a Rich Look in Your Living Room

One of the best ways to create an inviting setting that feels like home is by adding an area rug. Although you may spend time and energy decorating the walls, the floors should also get attention to ensure you feel at ease. If you want to create a rich and upscale look in your house, there are a few reasons to add a traditional area rug.

What are Traditional Area Rugs?

Traditional area rugs are a popular selection because they can work with all types of interior design styles. This allows them to appeal to more types of consumers and continue to be used in the space as your interior design theme changes over time. This type of rug also adds more depth to the space.

Many interior designers use traditional area rugs to decorate formal dining rooms, living rooms, and seating areas because they allow the space to feel larger. There are many types of traditional area rugs, which include oriental and Persian rugs. The area rugs are placed under multiple pieces of furniture to tie the space together.

These rugs pair beautifully with complex floral fabrics, ornate crown molding, and antique furniture. They also look chic with minimal furniture that is modern and contemporary.

Some people even pair traditional area rugs with industrial design elements. Traditional area rugs balance out the sharp lines and clean look of modern furniture pieces and decor to prevent the space from feeling cold and bare.

The area rugs also stand out because they have borders. The borders have a variety of patterns and designs. The more borders that are present on the rug, the more upscale it appears.

How Traditional Area Rugs Create a Rich Look in Your Living Room

Traditional area rugs look upscale and exquisite because they have a lot of details and intricate patterns. The high level of visual appeal creates a stunning look, allowing the carpet to look like a work of art. Many people choose to add the rug to their living room because it's easy to maintain and looks elegant.

Traditional area rugs are effective in bringing down the scale of large living rooms to make them feel cozier. They ground the space and draw more attention to the floor and furniture items that are on display. They look even more upscale when they're paired with linen or velvet curtains. The abundance of different fabrics and materials in the living room makes the space easy to unwind in, whether you're spending time with family or hosting guests.

How to Maintain a Traditional Area Rug

Once you invest in a traditional area rug, you'll want to make it last as long as possible to ensure you get more use out of it in the future. Always vacuum the area rug at least once each week to prevent dirt and grime from settling into the fibers. Immediately spot clean any stains that develop by following the manufacturer's recommendations.

It's also important to limit how much you walk with shoes on the carpet. Consider placing it in a low-traffic area where pets and children don't spend a lot of time. Try to place the area rug in an area where it won't have contact to direct sunlight to ensure the colors remain vibrant over time.

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Once you know how traditional area rugs create a rich look in living rooms, you can have more confidence in adding them to different rooms of the home. The beautiful and intricate look of the rugs will make a statement and allow you to feel proud to show off the space. Whether you're looking for the top area rugs to update your master bedroom or our contemporary area rugs, you can find your next area rug today.