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How to Place Furniture Around Your Contemporary Area Rug

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Nov 8th 2021

How to Place Furniture Around Your Contemporary Area Rug

Many people choose to have contemporary area rugs in their homes because of their elegant and modern design. This area rug style is a popular choice because it's known to be timeless and doesn't look outdated anytime soon, which means you can get more use out of it over time. If you're ready to incorporate this type of area rug into one of the main rooms in your home, it's essential to know how to place furniture around your contemporary area rug. Let's take a look now!

What are Contemporary Area Rugs?

Contemporary area rugs have a classic design and often feature intricate details, and it usually has an oriental look or may even appear abstract. The color shades vary, allowing you to have more of a selection of what you select for your personal space.

Contemporary area rugs have larger dimensions and take up a lot of floor space, adding a layer of comfort underneath your feet. They often feature bold uses of color, as well as different types of shapes. You may even consider them a work of art due to the kind of image or design they feature. They even consist of other free-form elements, which create a striking visual on the floor.

How to Place Furniture Around Your Contemporary Area Rug

If you want to learn how to place furniture around your contemporary area rug, there are a few main rules to follow to ensure it looks attractive with how it's displayed. Keep in mind that all of the furniture in the room should have contact with the rug to prevent it from looking like it's floating in the space. This will tie everything together and will make it look intentional with its placement. You can choose to place all four legs of each furniture item directly onto the rug. If the rug is smaller in size and doesn't take up as much space, you can place the front legs of each furniture piece onto the area rug. For more information, you can find our comprehensive guide on area rugs.

You can create a unique look by placing some items diagonal on the corners of the rug, which will add a cozy touch to the space. This will make the room feel warmer and more inviting, especially if the room is large.

If you feel like you have a few bare areas where furniture isn't placed on the area rug, consider adding a pouf or accent chair. This can enhance the visual appeal of the room and will also allow you to have additional seating options available.

Selecting the Right Contemporary Area Rug

When you choose your contemporary area rug, opt for something that isn't too thick if you plan to place it close to any doors in the room. This can cause the door to get stuck on the area rug when you enter or exit the room.

It's also essential to choose a contemporary area rug with durable materials like jute or polyester that will hold up well in high-traffic areas. This will prevent the materials from wearing down or fraying the more you step on the rug as you get plenty of use out of the item.

Consider the color scheme of your room when choosing the area rug. Stick to similar color shades that pair well with your decor on display without making it match too much.

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When you know how to place furniture around your contemporary area rug, it can transform the look of your room and make it easy to spend more time in it. With a few notes, you can have a beautiful item on display on the floor and feel confident with its presentation and style. Whether you're looking at the best types of area rugs to use in high-traffic areas or our traditional area rugs, you can find your next area rug today.