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Furnishings That Pair Well with Animal Print Area Rugs

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Nov 22nd 2021

Furnishings That Pair Well with Animal Print Area Rugs

Animal print area rugs continue to make a statement in different types of settings and are bold and dramatic pieces. Many people are often intimidated by animal print area rugs because they can be challenging to pair with other furnishings in the room. Fortunately, there are a few ways to make them pair well with other items on display to ensure your space looks professionally decorated. If you're looking for furnishings that pair well with animal print area rugs, let's take a look now!

What are Animal Print Area Rugs?

Animal print area rugs feature different animal prints, including cheetah print, zebra print, and even dalmatian print. The area rugs have a natural look and can be authentic or synthetic, making them vary in their price point. They stand out for the intricate details of the print and the multiple color shades on display. Because they resemble a natural animal print, they continue to remain popular and don't go out of style.

This type of area rug can add flair to any type of room and will add an upscale look when you want a chic item to put on display. The variety of materials used on the rug will determine its texture and thickness. The area rugs also vary in their size to accommodate different room sizes.

Furnishings That Pair Well with Animal Print Area Rugs

When you have an animal print area rug in your bedroom or living room, you can rest assured knowing various furnishings pair well with this rug style. Consider incorporating different types of metallic decor pieces. If you have a darker animal print area rug, metallic candlesticks or bookends will complement the unique style of the carpet. If you have a lighter rug, opt for gold lamps or shelves in the room.

Velvet materials also pair well with this rug style, making adding a velvet accent chair or chaise on top of the rug. Because of the bold look of the area rug, it's better to choose neutral color shades to prevent the other items from clashing in the space.

If you want to create a bold look, you can also add other furnishings that feature an animal print. You can display a leopard print art piece on the wall or zebra print curtains that pair with your area rug.

Rich woods like mahogany also pair well with this rug style because of the elegant look of this material. Adding a dark coffee table or mirrored furniture will also create an eye-catching look and will allow your interior setting to appear upscale.

How to Select the Right Animal Print Area Rug

When you're looking for the right animal print area rug to purchase, you'll need to measure the size of your room. The area rug should leave 10 to 20 inches of floor space exposed on each side of the carpet. For more information, you can find our comprehensive guide on area rugs.

Low-pile area rugs are known to be sturdier and hold up better in areas where there's a lot of foot traffic. High-pile area rugs can look chicer and offer increased comfort but may cost more than low-pile area rugs and are ideal if you have a larger budget.

Opt for a flat rug if you have animals and children in the home that tend to use the space frequently. This will make it easier to vacuum and spot clean when it gets dirty throughout the week.

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Understanding which furnishings that pair well with animal print area rugs can give you confidence when you're ready to incorporate them into your personal or professional space. You can look forward to getting more use out of your area rug and making it the main focal point in your setting. Whether you're looking at how to make a floral area rug blend in with your surroundings or our traditional area rugs, you can find your next area rug today.