Fall Area Rugs - A Seasonal Favorite

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Oct 16th 2020

Fall Area Rugs - A Seasonal Favorite

When decorating our homes, we have the opportunity to define ourselves in ways that are instead not interpersonal. At first glance, our visitors can feel welcome or utterly repulsed. A beautiful home can make guests want to stay for dinner or leave before dessert. Preferably not the latter, we can bring out our inner-self and leave long-lasting impressions on our family and friends. Whether you prefer the captivating mid-century modern style or a custom build representing your personality to the tee, there are plenty of decorating ideas under a budget that can come to life. While we won't get into the details in this post, bringing fall area rugs into your home is the perfect seasonal decoration for all interior designers alike.

Warm Colors

Fall Area Rugs Primary

When we think of fall or autumn, we typically think of staying at home with a big blanket, drinking hot cocoa with a nicely lit fire. The rustic feel partnered with our loved ones brings a warm feeling of comfortability. While some of us have varying autumn ideas, the unity of loved ones is where we can all agree.

Contrary to contrast, our recommendation for fall area rugs is to maintain a blend of colors with your current color scheme. Where a nicely lit fire is the focal point of the room, the low contrast of colors will blend in nicely - ultimately, leaving the next focal point in the conversations of your loved ones.

Autumn Patterns

Another observation of fall is the inevitable falling of leaves among calm forestry. The saturation of colors blends nicely among the floral patterns; the night time then comes to life. We hope to replicate these same feelings with our interior decorations - letting us immerse ourselves in the seasons. While some of these patterns have more bold colors, you can find many floral area rugs today.

Premium or Cultural Patterns

Where not only great for the fall season, you can never go wrong with premium—a wool rug made from the finest components that hold up with its timeless pattern. Not only do they blend nicely with our furniture, but they emulate decades of value from its cultural origins. A true classic that pays homage to its roots - traditional area rugs are a great pickup for any occasion.

Our Favorite Fall Area Rugs Picks

Fall Area Rugs Seconadry

With decades of cultural influence, our picks don't compromise style with the new technology. Whether having a warm saturation of colors or a sophisticated design, these area rugs bring a warm yet subtle contrast or blend in nicely with its cultural patterns.

For the wool favorites with a low profile, it's timeworn through antique hues; the Karastan Kismet Windfall Elephant Skin is a popular choice for many. A subtle and warm contrast that brings the area rug to focus, the Nourison 2020 Night Fall Area Rug beams a statement of sophistication for our guests. A contemporary favorite, made from wool & silk, the Karastan Kismet Windfall Denim will blend in nicely with culture.


When we think of fall or autumn, we reminisce at the start of the holidays. The cool hues of forestry or just being together with those you care about, the seasons bring us joy in marking the year's end. Happy faces, family members we haven't seen in a long time, and being in the company of endearing guests; fall marks happiness, renewal, and vigor. While times may be challenging - in the current year, the impressions that we bring to our guests can bring unity in knowing we're all endeared by one another. Fall area rugs are a perfect addition to start the seasons, where you can always find your favorite today.