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Decorating with Outdoor Area Rugs

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Mar 29th 2021

Decorating with Outdoor Area Rugs

When you have a covered patio or a porch, adding an outdoor area rug can add a cozy touch to space and make it feel more inviting. An area rug can cover up a bare concrete slab and make the setting feel like an extension of your interior environment. There are a few essential tips to follow to create a beautiful look if you want to learn about decorating with outdoor area rugs. Let's take a look now!

What are Outdoor Area Rugs?

Our outdoor area rugs are often constructed with durable and weather-resistant materials, allowing them to have more durability than indoor rugs. They offer an excellent way of getting more use out of your outdoor setting and contribute to your porch or patio's exterior design. They can add character and color to your environment to ensure the outdoor space is decorative and visually appealing. These area rugs are available in various prints, patterns, and color shades to ensure you can select something specific to your design preferences.

Outdoor Design Themes

Decorating with outdoor area rugs means you can select different design themes to put on display. Some of the top design themes for your porch or patio include contemporary, classic, and eclectic looks. Some people also prefer bohemian styles that are more relaxed and laidback to create a relaxing environment.

Creating a regal and upscale style outside is also achievable when you're decorating with outdoor area rugs. Outdoor area rugs are available in neutral color shades that can add a chic touch to the outdoor setting and

Decorating Ideas with Outdoor Area Rugs

When you plan to decorate with outdoor rugs, it's crucial to find a color shade that complements your outdoor furniture colors. A worthwhile idea: use a rug pad underneath the area rug to prevent sliding around as it's in use. Think about the size and shape that you want after measuring how much space you have available. It should cover most of the room's center without extending to the patio's border or the walls of the house.

The front legs on your furniture should sit on the rug to ensure it ties everything in and makes the space look complete. All four legs of the furniture can also be placed on the area rug. You can even have a mixture of furniture placed halfway on the area rug or entirely on the area rug. However, we recommend avoiding using this area rug in an indoor setting because it will be too rough to add a cozy touch to the home. For more information, you can find our area rugs' comprehensive guide.

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How to decorate with Outdoor Area Rugs

If you have neutral or contemporary outdoor patio furniture, consider selecting an outdoor rug that incorporates a pop of color to brighten up space. You can also have fun with a bold print or pattern, similar to our contemporary area rugs, that makes the area rug the main focal point of the setting.

It's also important to consider the color shade or finish of your patio cover when choosing the right color of the area rug. If you have a black patio cover, opt for a black and white area rug that will match. Brown patio covers can pair well with neutral color shades like gray, white, and even tan.

Our outdoor area rugs can also designate a specific seating or lounge area on a more extensive patio. It doesn't have to cover the entire deck but can be used in the backyard corner to ensure it separates the space from the rest of the property. Whether you're decorating with southwestern area rugs or looking for our transitional area rugs, you can find your next area rug at Rug Fashion Store today.