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Decorating with Contemporary Area Rugs

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Feb 1st 2021

Decorating with Contemporary Area Rugs

When it comes to decorating your interior decorum, the types of furnishings and pieces you use influence how comfortable you feel while spending time in the space each day. Our area rugs are often underrated but can significantly impact the ambiance and different rooms in the home. There are a few essential tips and guidelines to follow if you want to learn how to decorate with contemporary area rugs.

What are Contemporary Area Rugs?

Contemporary area rugs are known to have abstract designs to ensure they offer more versatility in different types of environments. They can hold up well in high traffic areas and still look beautiful over time because of their quality construction and durable materials. Our contemporary area rugs are less ornate than in recent years, making them work well for creating a welcoming and inviting setting.

Contemporary Interior Design Themes

One of the main reasons contemporary area rugs are popular is that they work well with various design themes. The rugs complement different styles and designs, which allows them to continue for use even as the trends change, or your style evolves.

Contemporary area rugs pair well with the mid-century modern theme because they often have geometric shapes and patterns. The natural color shades also pair well with mid-century furniture and balance out the furnishings' bold design.

When choosing a contemporary area rug, it's also ideal to use where you enjoy upscale and elegant furnishings. The area rugs are available with high pile fibers, making them plush and fluffy to ensure they look captivating.

This style of this area rug is also ideal for those who choose to have a farmhouse style in their home - and want a touch of warmth in the setting. Opt for a rug with beige or neutral color shades, which complements beige and white furniture pieces.

Decorating Ideas with Contemporary Area Rugs

When you're decorating with contemporary area rugs, consider the room's color scheme before choosing a specific color of the area rug. When using it in a room, it's essential that the two front legs of each furniture item sit on the area rug.

You can also use the area rug under the foot of the bed in a bedroom to add a decorative touch. When you use it in an office, consider placing it in the middle of the room under the desk to prevent the furniture from looking like it's floating. For more information, you can always find our comprehensive guide on area rugs in your home.

How to Decorate with Contemporary Area Rugs

If you're unsure where to get started decorating with our contemporary area rugs, keeping the size in mind is essential. The area rug should be three feet smaller than the width and length of the room. If you plan to use the item under an area rug, the chairs' back should stay on the area rug when you pull the chair out each time.

You can also place the area rug in a diagonal position to make it look crooked in the room if there are only one or two furniture items present - this will prevent the space from looking too bare or minimal.

Using a liner will prevent the rug from sliding around on tiles or hardwood floors to ensure it stays in place and continues to protect the floor.

Knowing the best ways to decorate with contemporary area rugs will allow you to enhance the setting's visual appeal while completing the space's look. It will also add a cozy touch to the home and will offer more comfort each season.

Our Selection of Contemporary Area Rugs

With a better picture of our contemporary area rugs, it's always an excellent option to choose these area rugs for your next home decor project. The bold designs that complement interior themes very well. From being a focal point of the room or being a contrast of abstract design, let's look at our picks on our contemporary area rugs.

Nourison Rustic Textures Grey-Beige

From an urban loft to a country cabin, the Rustic textures Collection from Nourison embodies contemporary abstract design with earthen tones. A beautifully textured modern area rug with a rustic sensibility, the Nourison Rustic Textures Grey-Beige has the details as follows:

  • Style: Contemporary
  • Pile Height: 0.5
  • Construction: Machine-Woven
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Fiber: 51% Polypropylene, 49% Polyester
  • Origin: Turkey
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Feizy Home Prasad Gray

An unassuming palette that offers a considerable canvas showcasing its alluring and pensive designs, the Prasad Collections from Feizy Home uses various grays, charcoal, ecru, and subtle blue. With its dynamic shimmer from the high-low finishes, the Feizy Home Prasad Gray has the details as follows:

  • Style: Contemporary
  • Pile Height: 0.39
  • Construction:
  • Material: Jute Blend
  • Fiber: 47% Polypropylene, 17% Jute, 29% Polyester, 7% Cotton
  • Origin: Turkey
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With contemporary area rugs referring to the modern trends of area rugs style, the option to choose these area rugs is always great. The bold to abstract design grants them versatility with interior design, where they retain popularity with many designers. Whether you prefer our traditional area rugs or our floral area rugs, you can always find your next area rug today.