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What are Viscose Area Rugs? - Lightweight, Durable, and Luxurious

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Jan 4th 2021

What are Viscose Area Rugs? - Lightweight, Durable, and Luxurious

If you're looking for area rugs to enhance your home's ambiance, and you want something that is on the horizon for being different. Well, viscose is one versatile material that might be of interest. What are Viscose area rugs, anyway? Let's take a look at viscose and what it can do for your home.

What are the Current Area Rug materials?

With materials being the core of all our area rugs, which enhance a timeless pattern - most area rugs today are made from a multitude of materials that include:

  • Wool - a resilient, strong fiber that is subject to stains and moisture retention
  • Cotton - dyes easily for many color choices - inexpensive but vulnerable to stains
  • Jute - made from plant stalks and is eco-friendly but coarse in texture
  • Sisal - made from the agave plant and is also eco-friendly and strong
  • Silk - strong fiber yet delicate and costly enough to limit foot traffic
  • Nylon - a good, durable overall material that repels abrasions and stains
  • Olefin/Polypropylene - less expensive but not as long-lasting and soils easily
  • Polyester - strong, resists shrinkage and abrasions

What is the Viscose Material?

Viscose area rugs are synthetic party pieces made from wood pulp fibers, cotton products, and chemical combinations. It's best known as a rayon type and goes by different names in bamboo silk, art silk, or banana silk.

As we come into another year, viscose is part of the new fabrics of 2021.

It's not only lightweight, soft, and smooth, but it has a lustrous finish. Viscose is versatile and less costly than other materials. It's found today in household area rugs, upholstery, clothing, and sportswear.

Viscose is an excellent option if you're looking for a lightweight material with an elegant drape, a gleaming finish, and a soft feel. It offers luxury at an economical cost. Viscose also integrates well with various fibers - where you can find it in combination with spandex, polyester, and cotton for added durability and stretch.

Other Viscose Qualities

  • Porous - Nonstick breathable material
  • Absorbent - Doesn't entrap heat but vulnerable to moisture
  • Retains Shape - When incorporated with other materials, it adds more strength
  • Lightweight - Airy, soft structure
  • Silky - Looks like silk but has a cotton-like feel
  • Holds Dye - Holds dye without fading
  • Biodegradable - Ecologically friendly and originates from renewable resources

How is viscose suitable for area rugs?

Viscose rugs are incredible for different homes as they are readily available and affordable, coming in many colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes. Most are made in smaller sizes to accommodate plenty of rooms in your home. You can also utilize them outside, as much as inside - with consideration of the weather. Viscose rugs are excellent as runners and area rug fillers for hallways, dens, and family rooms. They also make a pleasant addition to sunrooms, porch enclosures, nooks, and other areas where foot traffic is minimal. You only need to keep them from any source of heavy foot traffic and moisture.

The manufacturing of viscose area rugs comes to you through machines or handcrafted carefully as viscose area rugs - where you should be able to find one that meets your specific needs. Other viscose rugs are hooked by hand, braided, or woven flatly. The colors vary and are more subdued - where multi-colored viscose rugs are usually blends of wool and rayon.

When looking for an area rug to enhance your home interiors or exteriors, keep viscose in mind. It's one carpet material that adds luxury without an overbearing price point - and looks to improve without taking away from the timeless design.

Our Viscose Area Rugs of 2021

With viscose on the forefront of area rugs material for 2021, we've taken note of available viscose area rugs - and how they mix with our selection of area rugs available for interior decorators everywhere. Let's take a look at some of our viscose area rugs now!

Loloi Nyla Charcoal Beige

Power-loomed from Egypt, the Nyla Collection offers a range of subtle, sophisticated looks that enhance an interior space at an excellent price. With soft color combinations of plum, mocha, and mist - the Loloi Nyla Charcoal Beige is an ideal transitional area rug - that will bring a progressive yet traditional feel to your room's ambiance. The details of this area rug are as follows:

  • Style: Transitional
  • Pile Height: 0.25
  • Construction: Power Loomed
  • Material: Viscose
  • Fiber: 100% Viscose
  • Origin: Egypt
Loloi Nyla Charcoal Beige Web Banner - Rug Fashion Store

Loloi II Sienne Sie Ivory Azure

While not too traditional nor contemporary, the Sienne Collection is the ultimate versatile area rug. Power-loomed in Turkey of viscose and acrylic, this area rug touts a weighty pile that feels soft underfoot and offers a bit of sheen. With its distressed design, each area rug from this collection refines by a color palette that rivals the most delicate hand-knotted area rugs. The details of the Loloi II Sienne Si Ivory Azure are as follows:

  • Style: Abstract, Contemporary
  • Pile Height: 0.25
  • Construction: Power Loomed
  • Material: Silk Blend
  • Fiber: Viscose, Acrylic
  • Origin: Turkey
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Nourison Luminance Cream

Inspired by the intricate geometrics of antiquity - with a modern approach, the Luminance Collection complements many decors, both traditional and modern. A rich texture and silky sheen - these area rugs imbue each design a sense of warmth and vintage affluence. With the authentic and classic designs passed down from generations, the transitional aspect of this area rug exudes elegance, depth, and refinement. Specifically developed by Nourison for use as a carpet yarn and formulated to have superior strength - the details of the Nourison Luminance Cream are as follows:

  • Style: Transitional
  • Pile Height: 0.5
  • Construction: Machine Woven
  • Material: Wool & Viscose
  • Fiber: 30% wool, 70% viscose
  • Origin: China
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With the material being the essence of a great area rug - aside from its pattern, the benefits of an area rug are seemingly endless. While we have conventional material such as yarn, wool, polypropylene - the newer and sophisticated viscose comes to the scene for a good reason. Lightweight, silky, and durable - the viscose material brings a new dimension of luxury at an economical cost. If you're decorating your home, your material selection will never dwindle with viscose. Whether you prefer the traditional area rugs or a new take on a timeless classic - you can always find your next area rug today.