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The Best Prints of Area Rugs to Choose for a Children's Room

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Dec 13th 2021

The Best Prints of Area Rugs to Choose for a Children's Room

When you have children and are setting up their rooms, it's essential that they feel at home in their personal space. For many parents, it can be fun to decorate the rooms to reflect the child's personality and interests. When it comes to finding the best prints of area rugs to choose for a children's room, there are a few essential tips to follow to make the proper selection. Let's take a look now!

What are Area Rugs?

Area rugs are large rugs that cover most of the floor in a room and have larger dimensions. They're typically placed under pieces of furniture like beds and couches to add extra comfort and design to the space. They provide warmth to floors and help insulate the room during the colder seasons. For more information, you can find more benefits of area rugs.

Area rugs are easy to roll up and transport to a new room or home and are not affixed to the floor like a standard carpet. They're made out of various materials like wool, cotton, silk, jute, and sisal. Some of the most common synthetic materials that are used to construct the rugs include viscose, polyester, nylon, and polypropylene.

The Best Prints of Area Rugs to Choose for a Children's Room

When you're looking for the best prints of area rugs to choose for a children's room, it's essential to start by looking at the color scheme in the room. The print that you select should look cohesive and shouldn't clash with the look of the space.

Leopard prints in colors like yellow or pink are ideal for girls' rooms and can add a fun print that is visually appealing. Chevron print is also a popular choice because it's fun and youthful.

Striped area rugs are a classic and safe choice that will work with various styles of rooms. Opt for stripes that are thick and chunky to ensure they make a statement. Geometric area rugs are also a popular option for modern rugs and work well in rooms for boys or girls. You can also select a print that is similar to the pattern that is on display on the bedspread, curtains, or artwork on the walls.

Some area rugs even feature the alphabet, numbers, or other visuals like roads. This can allow children to play on the area rug and learn. Other visuals like rainbows can be cheerful while also positively adding to the space. Polka dots, clouds, and stars are additional prints that are always in style and are considered to be unisex designs to ensure they can be swapped to different children's rooms in the home.

How to Prevent Wear on the Area Rugs

If you don't want your area rug to prevent too much wear and tear as it gets plenty of use each day, it's important to limit how often your little one wears shoes on the material. It's also vital to choose a material that holds up well in high-traffic areas, especially if pets are present in the home.

Limit food and beverages that your child consumes in their room to prevent stains from developing on the material. If dirt or grime accumulates, use hot soapy water to spot clean the affected areas and restore the quality of the materials. Vacuuming the rug each week is also necessary to prevent too much dirt from accumulating.

The Best Prints of Area Rugs to Choose for a Children's Room - Rug Fashion Store


By getting an idea of the best prints of area rugs that are available on the market, it can inspire you and make it easier to make your selection as you decorate your child's room. The right area rug will allow your child to get more use out of their space and feel comfortable in the setting. Whether you're looking for prints and patterns that pair well with geometric area rugs or our contemporary area rugs, you can find your next area rug today.