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How to Style your Outdoor Area Rug on Your Patio

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Jan 10th 2022

How to Style your Outdoor Area Rug on Your Patio

Outdoor area rugs are an excellent investment for patios because of how much they jazz up and decorate the space. It can often be exciting to add an area rug to your backyard or porch because of how much it transforms the look of your outdoor setting. However, you may not be sure how to style the area rug. Fortunately, there are a few tips to follow when you want to learn how to style your outdoor area rug on your patio.

What are Outdoor Area Rugs?

Outdoor area rugs are designed to hold up well to environmental elements and can maintain their durability each season. They work well in humid or damp settings and don't develop any mildew or mold when they're exposed to moisture. Synthetic materials are primarily used to construct outdoor area rugs, which include polypropylene, nylon, polyester, and sisal and jute. These materials are known to be resistant to UV rays and don't fade or become discolored with frequent sun exposure.

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Area Rug

When you want to find the right outdoor area rug for your patio, it's essential to start by measuring the space that you're furnishing. The dimensions of your patio or porch will influence the size of the rug. The area rug should be large enough where it covers most of the ground but still leaves at least three feet of space left on each side. For more information, you can find our comprehensive guide on area rugs.

Consider your climate when selecting the right outdoor area rug. If you live in a wet environment, look for an area rug that is constructed of polypropylene. The material is easy to clean and won't stain easily. It holds up well to moisture and doesn't wear down in high-traffic areas.

If you live in a warm climate that has high temperatures, a dhurrie rug is an excellent option because the material doesn't retain heat. A jute or wool rug will feel cool and light under your feet and won't fade when it has frequent sun exposure.

How to Style Your Outdoor Area Rug on Your Patio

When you want to learn how to style an outdoor rug, it's essential to use different accessories that allow it to look decorative and cozy. Consider adding two poufs on top of the rug where you can have additional seating available and also dress up the item.

Like layering a striped area rug, layering the outdoor area rug will also create a decorative look and add extra cushion under your feet. Consider laying the area rug with a smaller or larger area rug to ensure both rugs are visible and pair well together. A neutral rug with a patterned area rug will complement one another and will create a balanced look.

Changing the rug's placement is another way to make it look more decorative and eye-catching. Consider placing it in a diagonal position that is unique and prevents it from blending in with the shape of the patio.

Adding potted plants directly to the rug or on pedestals that are placed on the area rug will also create a lush and beautiful setting that is enhanced by the design of your product. A touch of greenery will balance out the look and style of the area rug to ensure it looks stylish and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb in the outdoor setting.

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Once you learn how to style your outdoor area rug on your patio, it can be easier to have the confidence you need to make it look eye-catching and trendy. You can get plenty of use out of the rug and feel proud to show it off to your guests. Whether you're looking at how to clean your outdoor area rug or our floral area rugs, you can find your area rug today.