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How to Style Your New Coastal Area Rug in Your Living Room

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Aug 23rd 2021

How to Style Your New Coastal Area Rug in Your Living Room

Coastal rugs are considered to be a timeless decor item that can transform the quality of your setting when you want it to feel like home. Coastal rugs are the perfect addition to living rooms because they create a light and airy environment when you want the room to look classy and comfortable. There are a few ways you can style your new coastal rug to ensure it looks beautiful and is the main focal point in the room.

What are Coastal Area Rugs?

Coastal area rugs are inspired by the ocean and beach and have a variety of different elements that include nautical colors, sea horses, and stripes. Anything related to the water and sand fits within this theme to ensure they have a beachy vibe and reflect the outdoors.

These types of area rugs often have sea life motifs and symbols, which include coral or seashells. At times, they can also have abstract colors if you're looking for a more modern design. Light blue coastal area rugs or white stripes coastal area rugs are another popular look that pairs well with other color shades and prints in the room.

Coastal area rugs are known to come in a larger size and have greater dimensions to cover a large part of the floor. They can add a soft touch to hard floors, whether you have tile or wood in the home.

How to style your New Coastal Area Rug

Coastal area rugs are available in a variety of different materials. You can even layer them with a burlap rug to make it look like sand on the floor and add extra cushion and padding under your feet.

Coastal area rugs pair well with brass and metallic decor items in the room if you want to make them look even more luxurious and chic. You can also style your new coastal rugs in your living room by placing the legs of your furniture on the carpets to ensure they tie the room together. You can put all four legs or the front two legs on the rug to ensure it has contact with the carpet and pairs well with it. This idea prevents the area rug from looking like it's floating on the floor.

Selecting an area rug with the correct dimensions is vital to ensure it looks appropriate for the space. You'll want the area rug to be the size of the seating area in your living room to prevent it from looking too small or large. Use masking tape to create a border on the floor to get the proper measurements for the space before purchasing your new coastal area rug. There should be at least 18 inches of bare floor around the area rug to ensure it's the right size. If you have a smaller room you're working with; there should be at least eight inches of space around the area rug's border where the floor is exposed and not covered. For more information, you can find our comprehensive guide on area rugs.

The color shades of the area rug are one of the main features that influence how well it complements the setting. If you have bold and bright coastal colors in your living room, choose a rug that has dark blue or red colors. Neutral colors are easier on the eyes and pair well with lighter shades of floors.

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Coastal area rugs will continue to look classy and stylish in living rooms, especially when you opt for a larger size that takes up most of the floor. This idea can create your specific theme in the space and set the room's tone to ensure it reflects your personal taste. Whether you're looking for different interior design themes that pair well with shag area rugs or our contemporary area rugs, you can find your next area rug at Rug Fashion Store today.