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How to Make Your Southwestern Area Rug the Main Focal Point in the Room

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Sep 7th 2021

How to Make Your Southwestern Area Rug the Main Focal Point in the Room

If you're looking to enhance the quality of your space, you'll need to invest in a durable area rug that will make your house a home. Although there are many different styles of area rugs available, Southwestern area rugs have a unique design and vibrant color shades. There are a few different facts to discover when you want to learn how to make your southwestern area rug the main focal point. Let's take a look now.

What are Southwestern Area Rugs?

Southwestern area rugs typically have rich orange and red tones that create a beautiful carpet that stands out on any type of floor. In addition, they have a combination of rugged textures and earthly tones to ensure you can bring the outdoors into your interior setting. They work well in rustic or cabin settings and often feature handcrafted materials, which contributes to their appeal and value. Southwestern area rugs also work with different types of interior design styles, which is why they continue to be popular and in demand and can continue to be put on display even as your style changes over the years.

Design Tips

When you're incorporating a southwestern area rug into a room, you can create a minimal setting around the item to ensure it's more eye-catching. Professional designers are known to create a neutral environment with other items that are on display to ensure the bold and bright colors of this type of area rug stand out.

You can also choose to layer this type of area rug with other natural materials like a cowhide rug, making a statement and drawing more attention to the piece. A neutral area rug that is plain and less detailed will also allow the southwestern area rug to stand out but will complement it. You can place it in a common seating area in the room to separate the space from the rest of the interior setting.

Some people even choose to display southwestern area rugs on the wall. They're often considered to be a work of art due to their unique shapes, designs, and beautiful color shades. You can consider hanging it above a bed or use it as a piece of tapestry over an office desk. This is an excellent look if you have a large bare wall that is difficult to decorate and currently looks bland.

Consider placing it diagonally in the room if you want the southwestern area rug to look more noticeable on the floor. This can make the space look more casual, especially if you're using it in a lounge area. If you choose to place it in an office, you can display it under a desk, which will make the furniture the focal point in the setting and will make the area rug even more eye-catching.

Southwestern area rugs also look appealing when they're paired with natural plants and elements from the outdoors. Consider adding a few potted plants that you can place on top of the southwestern area rug near its border to ensure the geometric shapes and natural color shades are enhanced.

You also want to use the same color shades in the room that are present on the area rug to ensure the decor and furnishings pair well with the area rug. This will tie everything together and will allow some of the colors in the area rug to pop and stand out even more.

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By discovering the versatility and beautiful design of southwestern area rugs, you can appreciate their unique look and appearance. Once you put them on display, you can feel proud to show them off and make them the main centerpiece in the setting. Whether you're looking at how to style your new coastal rugs in your living room or our contemporary area rugs, you can find your next area rug at Rug Fashion Store today.