Decorative Pillows add an Instant Update to a Room

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Oct 30th 2019

Decorative Pillows add an Instant Update to a Room

Giving a room an updated look doesn't have to be expensive. Decorative pillows provide an economical and creative way to add a wow factor to any room, whether you want to update your color scheme or just introduce holiday cheer. Here are 5 designer tips to help you use decorative pillows to create an instant room refresh:

Tip #1:  Mix & Match Patterns and Textures

Start with a color that compliments or matches the dominant color in your room. For example, if you have been following the gray-beige trend, you may want to consider a light rose or darker hue of the same grey-beige color.  Then choose a selection of modern decorative pillows that add character through their design or material.  Add a metallic mix patterned pillow next to a long, soft shag pillow and a velvet pillow. Consider adding a spotlight pillow with a favorite saying or image to complete the collection. Mixing and matching patterns and textures in your decorative pillows in a consistent color choice will result in a confident, classy and modern look for your room. Shop Decorative Pillows.

Tip #2:  Be Bold with Color

In rooms with a significantly dominant color, such as white or grey, introducing a bold selection of colorful decorative pillows can add an immediate wow factor.  Consider adding visually bold black and white patterned accent pillows to a blue room or white room. Turn your subtle grey-beige room into an energized, happy space by combining a selection of decorative pillows Tulsa in a variety of colors.  When using a variety of colors, it typically makes sense to keep the pillows consistent in size and shape to let the color do the talking. Shop Decorative Pillows.

Tip #3:  Combine Different Sizes & Shapes

Add visual interest across your bed, sofa or love seat with a mix of modern decorative pillows in different sizes and shapes. The variety adds appeal and lets the unique beauty of each accent pillow be on display.  It also adds a playful and smart, creative element to a room. When selecting decorative pillows of different sizes and shapes, it usually adds flare to select a variety of patterns and textures as well.  You may want to stay true to one color or marry a few complimentary colors together. Just be sure you use colors that already match other decor in your room -- or update your decor to match your new pillows! Shop Decorative Pillows.

Tip #4:  Bring the Beauty of Nature Inside

Today's modern decorative pillow designs offer a broad selection of styles that capture and display the beauty of nature. You can add a wonderful earthy tone to a room by adding a combination of floral pillows, with green shag "grass" pillows and bright designs in greens and blues to capture the essence of nature. This style of decorative pillow works beautifully in a sunroom, reading room or smaller corner nook to evoke a calm, welcoming feeling in all who enter the room. Shop Decorative Pillows.

Tip #5:  Add a Pop of Color Among Neutral Hues

Decorating with accent pillows provides a ton of flexibility in execution.  Add a few or add many, the choice is yours.  Make it personal. Do you want to compliment your sofa or bed or create a bold visual appeal?  You may want to start with a few and then add more as you become more comfortable with your selections and how they go together.  Another go way to start is to use a couple pillows that match your surface (sofa, lounge, bed) and to add one or two bold decorative pillows in a different color or design. This works well for the holidays, too.  Maybe crimson, gold and silver don't work for everyday but adding a couple bold, red pillows to a room can really add a festive flare! Shop Decorative Pillows.

When using decorative pillows as an interior design element, have fun! Be bold and share your personality.  Modern decorative pillows provide an easy and affordable way to update your home.  Shop Decorative Pillows.