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Decorating with Striped Area Rugs

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - May 3rd 2021

Decorating with Striped Area Rugs

Striped area rugs are large enough to cover most of the floor in different sizes of rooms. They feature stripes in two basic color shades or a variety of shades. The rugs can tie a room together and make it look cohesive while adding extra warmth to bare floors that can become cold. Striped area rugs are available in a variety of textures and materials for indoor or outdoor use. While considering their versatility in simplicity - decorating with striped area rugs, there are a few things to consider. Let's take a look now.

Different sizes of horizontal and vertical stripes work well with other types of prints and add harmony. Although they add drama, they can also work well in neutral settings and add a touch of balance when lighter color shades are used.

Interior Design Themes

There are a variety of interior design themes that work well with striped area rugs. Modern settings with a minimal design can benefit from striped area rugs, such as Mid-Century Modern because the pattern can add a touch of drama to space. The clean lines will also complement the look of the room.

Area rugs with stripes can also complement rooms with beach or nautical themes - similar to our coastal area rugs, especially when they have blue and white stripes. Those who have a classic or contemporary home can also choose an area rug with gray stripes going in different directions. This type of design is standard with shag area rugs and can add a relaxing effect to the room. Furthermore, some area rugs with abstract stripes pair well in diverse settings where art is on display.

Decorating Ideas

When you're decorating with striped area rugs, keep in mind that the lines add depth to space and make the room look larger, depending on the size of the stripes. Smaller rooms can benefit from stripes to create a more spacious setting. Monochromatic stripes are a subtle pattern that doesn't look too distracting in smaller spaces.

When you're decorating with striped area rugs in the bedroom, place the area rug at the foot of the bed to add a stylish beat. The area rug should cover most of the floor in the dining room to ensure it makes the dining table and chairs pop.

Lastly, avoid adding too many other prints and patterns in the room if you plan to use a striped area rug. Too many patterns can add too much drama and cause the mixture of images to clash.

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How to Decorate with Striped Area Rugs

When you're decorating with stripe\d area rugs, the colors on the area rug must match the color scheme of the room you choose to use it in to prevent too much contrast. If you change the decor in the room a lot, stick to classic colors like black and white to create a timeless look that won't appear outdated in the coming years.

Horizontal stripes can also make a narrow room appear more expansive. If you're decorating a long hallway, choose a rug with wide and chunky stripes, which will broaden the space. If you want to lower a high ceiling in the room, select an area rug with horizontal lines, making the eye come downward.

If the room looks too robust and needs a touch of playfulness, choose an area rug with various stripes going in all directions. Rugs with warm colors like orange, tan, and avocado can also look beautiful on dark hardwood floors and add more contrast. If your floors are light, choose an area rug with pastel stripes to complement the floor's neutral color shade.