Decorating the Living Room Under a Budget

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Sep 4th 2020

Decorating the Living Room Under a Budget

No one has to empty their pockets to decorate the perfect living room. Decorating the living room under a budget is more than possible. You do not have to be a professional interior designer to decorate the living room under a budget in a personal yet beautiful way. Here are a few tips and tricks to decorating the living room under a budget.

Rearrange the Furniture

Sometimes everything needed to decorate the living room already exists within the living room itself. Rearranging the furniture costs nothing at all, and it is probably the most versatile way to give your space a facelift. By moving around the coffee tables, sofas, and seating arrangements, homeowners elevate the room's functionality. Therefore, rearranging around an area rug is the best way to get the most out of the rug's potential and ground all the furnishings. Refocusing the living room layout by straying away from the traditional style of arranging furniture gets homeowners acquainted with newly found space.

Shop Other Rooms First

Treasures could be hiding in every corner of the house just waiting to be found. Go on a hunt around the house first to see if pieces can be "borrowed" from other rooms. Sometimes a repurposed old dining table has a better function as a coffee table in the living room. Or repurpose the children's twin bed that they grew out of into a comfy sofa! Search through the attic or the basement. So many treasures hide in unopened boxes left behind from time. For example, giving old mirrors or paintings a second chance by using them as decor accents is most definitely budget-friendly.

Got Green?

An easy win. Houseplants are both budget-friendly and psychologically beneficial. Adding a little green to the living room adds some life while extracting toxins that may be floating around the air. Aside from these benefits, houseplants are known to increase productivity and reduce anxiety levels. For making the most out of a room, adding plants to empty ceilings, shelves, and walls fills unwanted white space. In addition to its health benefits, houseplants provide homeowners with a cleaner environment that offers a secure and soft aura. A little green brings out hidden beauty already present in the living room.

Paint the Walls or Add Wallpaper

White walls with creative kids act as either a blessing or a curse. Combat this by adding some color to the walls with paint or extravagant wallpapers. If renting, wallpaper provides homeowners with an inexpensive and safe way to make an ordinary room stand out. For something that pops out more, paint a single wall to show off accent pieces. Families kill two birds with one stone when everyone becomes involved with the painting process. From choosing the perfect color to applying it onto the walls. By adding a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper to the living room, the space feels new and changes the mood altogether.

Invest in Multipurpose Furniture

Especially for smaller homes, multipurpose furniture becomes essential. Acting as not only something decorative but storage space, versatile coffee tables allow homeowners to save money and save space. Couches by day open up to reveal a bed by night. Investing in furniture that provides more than one purpose helps homeowners make the most of small spaces and money set aside for decorating. Multipurpose furniture has been saving homeowners money since the 1960s, making it a long-lasting trend.

Add Paintings and/or Arrange a Gallery Wall

The perfect way to get the whole family's personality into one area. Have a painting day where everyone gets a blank canvas to do whatever they want. Then display each one on a gallery wall over the couch. If this seems too messy, there are many inexpensive artworks and charts that can be boxed-up with affordable frames. Been on many travels? Save up postcards and fancy hanging accents from around the world to create a Bohemian style gallery wall. If renting, the best route to go is to buy some command hooks, which allows for easy decorating and easy removal.

Change the pillows

For a little facelift, buy a couple of pillows with velvet and silk fabrics or something with embroidery. Pillows are the most versatile decorative piece in the living room. They provide a quick and easy way for homeowners and interior designers to add a little bit of flare into a damp space. Refresh the living room by adding a couple of accent cushions along with the couch and seating arrangements. With endless colors, sizes, textures, and designs, the possibilities are limitless.

Splurge Strategically

The living room is the centerpiece of the entire home, so investing in one focal point for this room is okay. Especially since it will make decorating easier because the rest of the decor will build upon the one piece. Essentially, the best furnishing to build upon is an area rug, according to many interior designers. Just like the living room, the area rug focuses people's attention on where they should gather. Homeowners do not have to splurge on everything that will be put into the living room when one focal point is enough. Instead, add little accent pieces around the one big focal point to put a spotlight on it. A single investment quickly elevates a living room that was once bland.

Everyone deserves a living room they feel comfortable gathering in. Whether it be under a budget or not, Rug Fashion Store has the area rug to start your journey. Check out our Hot Deals to kick off your living room decor. Reach out to us in-store or online today!