Budget Decorating | Bathroom

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Oct 2nd 2020

Budget Decorating | Bathroom

Although the amount of time spent in the bathroom is less than most rooms, it still deserves the same attention to detail. The bathroom gets critiqued by guests more often than homeowners may think. So decorating this space with much attention is essential, and people do not have to pour their wallets down to drain to do so. Decorating the bathroom under a budget is possible and provides homeowners with beautiful results. With so many expectations, decorating the bathroom under a budget gives people the room they deserve. Here are some hacks on decorating the bathroom under a budget and still creating a space worthy for everyone.

Wallpaper Half the Wall

Wallpaper is a budget-friendly decorator’s best friend. It comes in a multitude of colors and patterns, making it easy for homeowners to add some life into the bathroom. By putting wallpaper on the top half of the wall, vibrant paint shines on the bottom half. When beginning the process, it is crucial to put it up on areas where it will not be prone to water damage. Wallpaper should not go up on places where it will get splashed with water regularly. This is a common mistake many people make while putting up wallpaper in bathrooms. However, in the end, the bathroom will look very sophisticated and elegant.

Throw the Towel(s) In

Towels are the cushions of the bathroom. With the variety of sizes, textures, and colors available, the possibilities are endless. Adding a towel here and there in the bathroom creates a new atmosphere that is cheap and budget-friendly. Get creative with how they are presented, as well. Why buy towels if they are going in hallway cabinets? Hang them alongside the bathtub or create a neat storage system that will highlight them. This hack is the most simple and fun way to spruce up the bathroom.

Go Green

Adding houseplants into the bathroom could be the best thing to do for the air quality and environment. Putting green into the bathroom makes for a cleaner atmosphere and has the most transformative effect. They are one of the most affordable hacks that do not take up too much space. Hanging shelves with houseplants create a lively indoor garden and more storage space for towels and soaps. For a calm and tranquil space, plants are a great way to create a peaceful environment.

Change the Shower Curtain

Yellowing shower curtains and liners from water damage is not a pretty picture. Replace the shower curtains with something more vibrant and colorful. Liners should be replaced once a month while shower curtains should wash around the same time. However, if not properly taken care of, shower curtains are prone to fading colors very often. Despite this, they are an easy way to add a sense of style and psychologically trick the mind into thinking the bathroom is larger than it is. Shower curtains are a fashionable hack that is cheap and easy.

Spruce Up With an Area Rug

One of the easiest ways to add warmth and texture into the bathroom. Area rugs come in a range of colors, textures, and sizes, so finding the perfect one is simple. It can quickly transform a bathroom from shabby to chic with its presence. Area rugs will protect the tiles below, as well as provide comfort. Thankfully, there are always discount rugs that are still vibrant with color and patterns. An area rug could be all a bathroom needs to feel complete.

Bathrooms are the place where everyone goes to get ready and feel good. So it is vital to create a happy environment. Decorating the bathroom under a budget will get these results without losing your last paycheck down the drain. Let us at Rug Fashion Store kick start your decorating journey today!