Area Rugs Give Kitchen an Instant Update

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Jul 3rd 2020

Area Rugs Give Kitchen an Instant Update

Here’s a Rug Fashion Store Interior Design Tip for an instant kitchen update without a huge expense: Place area rugs in key locations in your kitchen to give your kitchen new life.  Adding a kitchen rug is a quick and low cost way to add comfort, texture and color to one of the most used rooms in a home.

Your Kitchen is one of the mot used rooms in your home

You have many options when considering rugs for your kitchen. Don’t limit yourself to the rubber backed, standard choices at your local large box store or warehouse store. Think about decorating your kitchen the same way you give thought to decorating your whole house. Your kitchen is one of the most lived rooms in your home. It should be warm and inviting and a true representation of your personal style and flare. Shop kitchen rugs.

There are several areas in your kitchen that can benefit with an area rug. Look around your kitchen and identify key areas of the room. 

Start with a smaller rug in front of your sink area.  Add a runner between your cabinets and island.  Place a full-size rectangle rug or round rug in the center of your kitchen to add softness and to protect your hardwood or tile flooring from spills and scratches. Placing rugs in all three of these areas, in a color or design scheme that compliments your kitchen cabinets and fixtures, will change the entire look and feel of heart of your home. Shop kitchen rugs.

Kitchen Rug Image 1

When looking for “kitchen rugs” think beyond what is typically defined as a “kitchen rug”. This will open a whole new set of options. The best area rugs for your kitchen have these three qualities:

  1. Area rugs that are durable and can wear well in high-traffic areas
  2. Area rugs that are stain-resistant and easy-to-clean
  3. Area rugs that are soft and comfortable to walk on barefoot

Area rugs made of synthetic fibers such as polypropylene make great kitchen rugs. Synthetic rugs are durable, stain-resistant, soft and comfortable, and are available in a wide range of colors, designs and styles.  Don't let the term "synthetic" throw you off.  Thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques, area rugs made from manmade fibers are softer, more vibrant and more durable than ever.  And, as an added benefit, many of these rugs are made from recycled material which benefits the environment as well.

Another great option is “indoor-outdoor” rugs.  Also called “performance rugs” these area rugs are fade and stain-resistant and can be easily cleaned. Indoor-outdoor rugs are beautiful, colorful or neutral, and soft.  Indoor-outdoor rugs are available in a variety of styles including traditional, transitional, geometric, and contemporary. Shop Kitchen Rugs.

Rug Fashion Store designers offer the following guidance when making color choices for kitchen rugs. 

Contrasting colors and hues will make the most impressive statement in your kitchen.  If your kitchen has dark cabinets and floors, use lighter, neutral rugs to brighten and elevate the elegance of the room.  Use the light colors in the rug as your inspiration to add similar color-toned home decor throughout your kitchen. Shop Home Decor.

Kitchen Rug Image 2

If your kitchen is a smaller space, we suggest you consider bright colored rugs such as, red rugs, blue rugs, and multi-colored rugs.  Adding a bright colored rug will make your kitchen seem bigger and brighter. It will evolve a sense of happiness. Shop kitchen rugs.

Kitchen Rugs Image 3

Many of us have followed the trend toward white kitchen spaces which includes cabinets and walls with lighter flooring. Consider adding a rich, dark traditional style rug from Karastan, such as the Spice Market Collection. With rich reds, oranges, maroons, and blues, these beautifully designed (yet durable and eco-friendly!) rugs will add a wow factor to your kitchen along with an elegant coziness. Shop kitchen rugs.

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The beauty of adding area rugs to your kitchen is that it provides a fresh update at a low-investment, especially when compared to a kitchen remodel. At Rug Fashion Store, we have thousands of rugs available that will make the best kitchen rugs. Shop kitchen rugs.

Here are a few of our top selections for kitchen rugs:

Shop for your new kitchen rugs online right here at or at our stores in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Springfield, Missouri. Our trained sales team and Rug Fashion Store designers will be happy to help you make the best selections for your kitchen. We offer Free Designer Assistance and can guide you in the right direction based on your personal design preferences. We can also share what has worked best for other clients just like you. Shop Rug Fashion Store kitchen rugs online.