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Area Rugs That Will Look Professional in Your Home Office

by Posted by Rug Fashion Store - Dec 20th 2021

Area Rugs That Will Look Professional in Your Home Office

Your home office is likely a place you spend a significant amount of time throughout the week and where you feel most productive. It's essential that the space looks professional to ensure you can continue to take your work seriously without feeling like you're working from home. When decorating with area rugs, there are a few specific styles that will create a professional environment that will set the space apart from the rest of the house. Let's take a look now!

What are Area Rugs?

Area rugs are large pieces of carpet that you can move to different rooms of the home. They cover most of the floor and add a layer of comfort under your feet. Area rugs are not only functional but influence the style and design of the space with their overall look. They're available in various colors, prints, and patterns. They're also constructed with different types of materials for varying levels of durability. Some of the top materials include polyester, jute, and nylon.

Area Rugs That Will Look Professional in Your Home Office

Traditional area rugs are one of the best styles for home offices because they look classic and professional. Traditional area rugs include oriental rugs and traditional wool rugs.

It's vital to select area rugs that have neutral color shades to prevent them from clashing with the furnishings that are on display. Area rugs with bright colors or loud prints can look too edgy for a professional setting where you want to be taken seriously.

You can also select white, black, or brown jute area rugs to create a clean look in the room - similar to contemporary area rugs. This will look upscale and will compliment different types of flooring materials.

Area rugs with abstract prints will look like a work of art in the room and will continue to look contemporary for many years to come. If your home office is slightly rustic, you can opt for a cowhide rug that is natural and makes a statement.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for an Area Rug

As you begin your search for the perfect area rug, you need to start by measuring the size of the room. The area rug should be one to two feet shorter than the shortest wall. Your desk and office chair should also be capable of fitting on the area rug. For more information, you can find our comprehensive guide on area rugs.

It's also necessary to consider how much foot traffic you get in the space, especially if you meet with different people throughout the week. The type of material that you select should be capable of holding up well without fraying or wearing down over time. If you expect to spend a lot of time walking on the rug, opt for a product with darker color shades and won't allow dirt or grime to become visible.

It's also necessary to consider a low-pile rug that allows your office chair to roll freely without any resistance. This will make it easier to sit at your desk and navigate the space without the area rug getting in the way.

Your budget is another factor to consider as you begin your search. You can consider increasing the amount of money you're willing to spend to ensure you can invest in a quality product that holds up better in the future.

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When you know how to find area rugs that will look professional in your home office, it can allow the space to look like a designer styled it. Once the area rug is in place, it'll transform the setting and will enable you to feel confident showing off the space to your colleagues. Whether you're looking for the best prints of area rugs to choose for a children's room or our floral area rugs, you can find your next area rug today.